• Rc927

    Funny how he called the whole band Kendrick Lamar, and how he said Compton.

  • Manwitdasax

    Kendrick on Fire! Crazy production by Scoop DeVille!!!!!!!

  • DonaldRagen

    the guy on the sax is a creeper for sure

  • Luniz

    dope performance.. band killed it

  • MAY

    Pusha T >>>>>>>>>

  • gugu

    the guy on the sax was terrance martin....

  • hustla013

    i never saw letterman get up and compliment somebody after the perfomance ...

  • lp

    Terrance Martin stole the show foreal

  • lookin dumb as shit with that statement

    Terrance went ham on that horn. and Letterman ALWAYS stands up after the performance and thanks the artist. every late night host with live performances does that. dudes need to either tune in more often or study up.

  • Kdot4life

    "In high school my teachers thought I was smoking stress, didn't know my eyes low cause of genetic defects"

  • veejay

    it's TERRACE guys. no N.

  • Mike Tomlin

    No love to Tyler on Fallon last night? Haha