• IV

    Nice game samples not the normal line up that is sampled. That Star Fox 2 should be dope. Now if only someone would sample ChronoTrigger and Ninja Gaiden then we would be in biz

  • Karrie V.

    @IV Chrono Trigger has always been sampled, from Wiz Khalifa to Logic, & even Le$.

  • Robenum

    I fucks wit this dudes beats all day.

  • MFZoned

    Yeah Chrono Trigger was used for Never Been and Never Been Pt. 2 by Wiz.

  • mark

    UNI did Castlevania better

    UNI rip

  • IV

    @Karrie & @MFZoned I know that but I'm talking a sample of Memories of Green or Frog's Theme. Even Ocarina of time has been used plenty before. It would be nice to see crate diggin going on in games. Cause Chrono had a lot of hot samples not just the title theme. Oh No has the nastiest Castlevania Sample on The Disrupt in my opinion.