A 2Dope Contest: Rocksmith Spring Cleaning

blame it on Shake February 28, 2013

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Rocksmith Clothing to giveaway a $400 Prize Package including their newly released Spring 2013 and our Dopehouse Collection. There is more coming from us and Rocksmith in the near future (*cough* SXSW *cough*), but in the meantime we wanted to hook a lucky dopeboy/girl up with some new gear for the upcoming season. Hit the jump to enter your email for a chance to win. Good luck!

* Those checking the site via mobile need to fill out the fields in the comment section.

  • R.Savage

    this is awesome!

  • Hook me up!!!!

  • eadn

    That’s what’s up lemmie get at that rocksmith dopeboy collab wear

  • jimmy

    Count me in letssss goooo!!!

  • WhooDunIt

    How you get in on it? I need this in my life

  • PR Dean

    2 dope company’s on there grind holla @ your boi PR!

  • Kaioken Ant.

    Yo I’ll admit Im in desperate need for an extreme Rags to Bitches make over courtesy of 2DopeBoyz and Rocksmith… help a brutha out, I aint Eating

  • edmond dantes

    How do you enter the contest?

  • Grae

    I’m entered

  • Datnewager90

    This is dope.

  • this is dope of yall.
    How long i gotta comment on this site til i win something??? Lol.

  • Jason P

    I Don’t See Where You Enter But If This Is My Entry It’s All Good.

  • @Jason P
    if you are checking the site via mobile the email widget wont show up (im not sure why just yet). i got your email thru the comment though.

  • Tye

    Doing this via mobile still enters you?

  • Oh word? This would be dope, cause dudes just started school, it was about to be cargos & Mixunit tees til July lmmfao

  • Njpitlife

    Hook this broke puertorican up!

  • Sirron

    I bought the snapback in December. I wear it pretty much religiously but It’s so dope when someone recognizes it.

  • KB

    my wardrobe needs that Rocksmith Spring Cleaning

  • “Doing this via mobile still enters you?”

    yeah. we’ll include all emails in the draw.

  • A!Re$1DeR

    right on!

  • JS

    I could use some knew clothes.

  • J

    I never won anything b4

  • Brendain

    Bless me!

  • I need this college! Hook me up!!! Rocksmith

  • Christian


  • Joseph Fallaschek

    I’ll take it

  • S.

    It’s cool how far you guys have come. Good look!

  • I’d be glad to win this

  • Entered, now we wait…!!

  • F.P.

    Hook up a dopehouse representer.

  • Again


  • TeamCrawley

    First child on the way so no new stuff for me unless I win this.

  • DRE206

    yo, i need this in my life. let me make sure everyone in the 206 is hip to the dopehouse!

  • DK

    In it to win it

  • Trashcandan

    Yes yes yes I would love this

  • Dean Johnson

    hopefully this my entry.

  • daniel oviedo

    Rocksmith is 2 dope to sleep on

  • schnobs


  • Brian

    Let’s do this!

  • D-Turn

    I need this!

  • BantuSTAN

    Sign me up!

  • Miso

    Entered. Dope offer

  • Hook a brotha up.
    stay true.

  • hook up?! soundcloud/jschmerin

  • Theyungexec

    Big fan of the site and the brand… Even went to the event in NY… Even if I don’t win I’ma still support

  • Bomber7o2

    Need this.

  • KB

    can 2dopeboyz and Rock Smith have another party. Please?

    -ps my wardrobe needs that Rocksmith Spring Cleaning

  • Moses

    this would be the joog.

  • Mike Brown

    “Just 2 Dope Boyz ina Caddilaaac”

  • Dunswerth

    What’s your name? Smith…Rocksmith.

  • I like stuff. I like it more when I win it.

  • JL