• justin herschel

    pick your pants up! dude looks like he has a shit in his pants

  • DoubleClutch95

    What ever happened to Asaad being signed to the Re-Up Gang?

  • Juicy-G

    way better than the 1st nbhm

  • rns

    good production but the raps suck. how many times is dude gonna make half-assed references to cash/money? yawn.

  • http://www.francoistoulour.com Steph

    What he said. This guy's content has fallen WAY off. Listen to the TROY EP and then listen to this. It sounds like regression.

  • jazzyjeez

    MERCURY MARUDER MUSIC!!!!!!!! niceness ...

  • wow

    this nigga doesnt say SHIT. money. get money. money.money.money.money.get money.get money. get money.

    get a fuckin life.