Promise – Drake Started From The Bottom

blame it on Shake February 28, 2013

As a long time friend of one Aubrey Graham, the Canadian Duck Down representative takes some time out to share some thoughts.

I had the craziest dream last night which is what warranted this. I’ve been wanting to say stuff before but held back for various reasons and as I’m not causing any harm I felt staying silent was unjust. My music is meant to be heard. So instead of doing anything official I decided to go this route to get my thoughts out and keep it moving.

I made the actual title “Drake Started From The Bottom” because people always interview me asking my take on that whole thing that he never was at the “bottom” so to speak. But he was musically, not that all the other things in his life didn’t work well for him but there were people who wouldn’t work with him or give him an ear simply because of all the things we all believe to have boosted him to the position he is in. I was fortunate enough to be a friend in his early stages and truly witness his struggles and growth and can speak on some of them. #realtalk

  • lol

    This is terrible, and takes riding to a whole new level – friends or not. This was made because no one would check for this dudes music if drakes name wasnt in the title.

  • Nah

    This guy stays jumping on people’s songs and making his own unofficial remixes…

  • Zen

    Nobody questioned whether Drake started from the bottom in the music industry, who didn’t start at the bottom? IN his song though, Drake is going on like his life was real rough growing up, and while we all have our issues growing up, Drake was pretty privileged and needs to chill with all this fake hood ish.

  • Drake never said any of those things in that song. you must have been listening to something different.

    Honestly, i don’t think americans can really understand where he’s coming from with this song.

    Despite being known, it was still a struggle for a Canadian to break into america. that shows how far the bottom of music industry canadian artists are.

    toronto is the 4th largest city between US and Canada and yet its easier for artists from Miami or Atlanta to get on. I’m not saying its unfair, I’m just saying the Canadian hip hop industry is pretty low on the totem pole and its a huge, almost hopeless fuckin stuggle for any Canadian rapper.

    Also, Lauryn Hill was an actor, 2Pac was a professional thespian, and there are others as well.

  • EKIN

    Breaking into the industry, acting or singing, is a tough journey for MOST, regardless of where you are located.

    Show me the lyrics that state he’s speaking about his music career, The first verse is about home life and borrowing a car….
    second verse is about the old he say-she say game that rappers play…. Third verse is about real friends….

    Which line is the “started from the bottom career-wise”? Living with mom and borrowing a car aren’t exactly “starting from the bottom”

    But I guess it’s the same way every rapper claims to sell kilos and knows every major player in the drug trafficking trade….

  • will

    dick riding award

  • PdotSmirf

    …damn…give a nigga props and it’s dickriding…give somone constructive criticism and it’s hating…smh…artists can’t win nowadays…

  • lolololol

    A lot of folks forgot the part of Drakes life when he took out a loan to do a song and shoot a video with Trey Songs which failed miserably. Not saying he ain’t start from the bottom, but you’re pretty low when you have to take a loan to do what you want to do. Y’all also forget that the bottom isn’t the same for everyone. Just cus you’re born in the hood doesn’t mean you were at the bottom and just cus you’re raised in the suburbs doesn’t mean you’re at the top. People have struggles rather rich or poor.

  • lolololol

    I also agree with PdotSmirf … it’s a lose lose for artist in this day and age. props=dickriding , constructive criticism=hating , voicing opinions=hating , agreeing with a few things=dickriding lol it’s a fucked up cycle

  • eric

    Drake is Fake . No is saying drake was acting like he came from the hood growing up . But look at the way he acts now . He tries and act like a thug nigga . Throws up lil signs with his faggoty hands like he some shit like in the fuckin problems video . He is phony . He lived middle class . Always had some money in his pocket . Never was starving and this dude promise is dick riding drake gtfoh

  • Powblenmg

    he never started from the bottom, he jewish.

  • @lolololol song may have “failed miserably” according to you or industry standard but how many other canadian rappers under 20 had their video aired on BET? Ooops, none. Lol so I’m sure it played its part in the grand scheme of things ;)