Kanye West & Kim Kardashian’s L’Officiel Hommes Photo Shoot

blame it on Illy March 1, 2013

Here are all the spreads from Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s (nekked) L’Officiel Hommes magaize cover from earlier this week.

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  • chef

    who gives a fuck

  • Bigblack

    Did i spot a titty in there. Swag

  • Smh

    @chef Spoken like a true hater

  • yesssir

    this would be cool if we hadn’t already seen her pounded by a b-list R&B singer, haha.

  • i don’t really like em. kanye look too dark and shadowy all over that porcelain goddess.

  • truth

    He thinks he will put an end to sex tape with this and start his own sex “thing”. I think she’s stupid to do this. It’s not artsy it just looks like a ghetto fool showing his white girl off.

  • Danny

    kanye is such a fag nowadays

  • rwqe

    @truth “He thinks he will put an end to sex tape with this and start his own sex “thing”.”
    man where do you come off telling us how kanye feels and shit. like who are you. you think kanye gives a fuck about a sex tape. didnt he brag about it on clique. i think it bothers you more than it bother him tbh

  • polo hova

    Kim Kardashian lookin like a str8 hoe. Stupid ass.

  • 2bzlover

    Here is 2dbz blessing us with some more bullshit…

  • smh at you no reason bitch ass niggas

    I notice more people come to hate on a post than to big it up. never see more than 3 people give props on any one post. 2DBZ full of haters. How do you benefit from hating?

  • perez

    I love it they will have followers!

  • shade

    S/O to Kanye and Kim…pics are hella DOPE! Gotta admire a couple who got so many haters and continue to not give a fuck.

  • AnT

    @shade ^^ +1 World is full of hate and people who spew out negativity instead of congratulating. If you don’t like it just move on. Kinda gets boring always seeing comments from people just hating. Get some money, then you’ll see you have nothing to hate on.

  • khris humprheys does give a f’ck shes actually still married to him

  • Ol’Greg

    2dopebpyz is becoming a gossip blog, all I see are posts like this one, or this rapper brings out that rapper, or interviews, or some other bullshit. Post music on the blog not pictures people shouldnt care about. Btw I’m here to read these comical comments defending Kanye for being a whining baby who has impregnated a person who uses others for their own benefit. Can’t wait to see how much she takes from the cry baby

  • Oh

    2DBZ must be hurting

  • poopoohead

    @smh, shade, ant
    HATING is the most played out phrase, concept, and word in hip-hop. Someone doesn’t agree with you? They’re a HATER. Someone wants to give their honest opinion? HATER. Someone wants to make a joke about it? HATER. Someone is indifferent and says “who cares’? HATER. Fuck anybody who is still using that phrase. People are allowed to have different fucking opinions, you lame ass fucks. Not everything should be agreed upon, not everything should be looked at as “oh that’s just great!”, and not everybody is HATING because they simply don’t like something. Let me guess…I’m a hater for this comment. How original.

    This culture sometimes man…SMH.

  • Dwayne Nvo

    much love 4 all the niggas who live in france

  • @yessir my exact thoughts lol