Nelly – Hey Porsche (Video)

blame it on Meka March 1, 2013

Nelly apparently describes this cut as “the 2013 version of Prince’s ‘Little Red Corvette.'” Excuse me, while my soul escapes my body and kisses the sky.

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  • Ghost

    What in the actual fuck tho? This nigga trippin

  • whateveriguess

    Meka That link to the song doesnt work lmao.

  • whateveriguess

    There was a point where Nelly was country Grammar and Grillz….

    Now he is…..just…terrible.

  • mathis

    i dont know most early nelly music but the dude always made club music. but this sounds like some shit a white girl wrote judging by the beat alone

  • VersacheMane

    It’s sad to see Nelly trying so damn hard to get back to where he was in early 2000. Just ain’t working bruh. Go take a seat next to Ja Rule son.

  • randomguy

    He’s trying to get some of that Flo Rida $$$

  • three

    dudes a legend. put in work, he can kind of do whatever he wants now. just sayin

  • realtalk


    I don’t think he’s trying hard at all. He knows that this shit is going to be all over Top40…which it is. You think he cares about what kind of music he’s making? Lol.. All he cares about is that $..and those 15yr old white girl iTunes sales!


    I 4got the ppl on this faggot ass website don’t like rappers like NELLY and FLO RIDA, you wanna be hip hop heads feel every rapper should have deep meaning in their music smh

    Probly never leave the house and go have fun! just sit on your computer all day jacking off to Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd cds

  • StopIt5


    Hahaha ..Half of the people on this site will let Kendrick Lamar fuck em in the ass.


  • Nellyville

    Nelly cemented his position as a legend in the game long ago. Let the man breathe. Its quite obvious this is for single sales and top40, and I dont think he tries to hide that.. so just let it be. No one forces you to play this in your room, so unless you listen to Top 40 this shouldnt bother you.

    Country Grammar and Nellyville are classics., over ten years out and they can still hold up to most albums that have come out in the last 10 years.

  • j

    if he has that hit he can tour and not only tour but charge his original prices for performing his catalog as well

    from just a dream to this though is an extreme lol

  • polo hova

    Only thing good about this is the chick in the video.

  • Chuck E

    This is what it sounds like when an artist DON’T GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU THANK ABOUT HIS SHIT. That being said….this is wack as Hell. More power to him, but more to me. One.

  • This really sounds like something Flo-Rida would have made. White people are going to EAT THIS UP.

  • kanye east

    Belongs in Random Acts of Fuckery

  • whoa

    a legend?!?! how so? dudes only releasing this bullshit so he doesnt end up on a where are they now list.

  • making money is cool

    First Luda, now Nelly. these niggas really don’t give a fuck now, huh?

  • The Truth Serum

    “STOP IT FIVE” – shut the phuck up… and phuck this song.