• MoneyG

    Scolla bodied this! Overall this is a GREAT record though from the verses to the production. Nice job Detroit

  • brenda

    Richy Keep It Up! You Got This Sh*t!

  • smh@this

    y this nigga name so unoriginal? must be a roc marciano groupie...seriously nigga couldnt think of anything else other than nearly copying someone elses name? smh

    • Woods

      Yo, there's no relation between the two. Just enjoy the music.

  • Bp

    Richy > Roc

  • RawPower

    Bp u need to be slapped!!!!!

  • RawPower

    And this nigga generic!!!! straight poo!

  • RightHook

    Dope!!!!! Haters shut up and if you dont like it, dont listen. I think both Marciano's should collab. 2 entirely different generations! that would be dope.