• Mike

    No one cares about these, but since Im watching.... Rocky should be above Big Sean. The debate should be between Kanye and Rocky for #6. And these fools yapping about lyrics why is Future on this crap?

  • the realest

    ^ cuz that nigga all over the radio and clubs. thats why. future.

  • good stuff

    fuck I may not agree with these guys most of the time but them calling Rocky out on his piece of shit lyrical content is a relief. I thought I was the only one out here who thought Rocky sucks at talking about anything

  • Dale Dobach

    MTV's decision making goes like this....

    -Let's put Kanye on there, but low, and behind someone weak from his own camp so he gets mad and gives this list publicity

    -Let's put on all the artists who gives us access and interviews and treats us well so they continue to do so

    -Let's put a word like "hot" to describe it so we can do whatever we want with it and have a cop out excuse that the word hot can be anything