Bishop Nehru - Nehruvia (Mixtape)

THe young gun received a positive response when he debuted at the dopehouse last week, now he releases his new freelease for the masses. Tracklist, stream and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Bishop Nehru - Nehruvia (Mixtape)

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  • adolfmayne

    is this guy suppose to be the next joey bada$$

  • Truthtella

    Good but no originality... Heard it before..

  • Rick O Shea

    "last wek?" Come on. Use spell check. That way you won't sound like such an idiot. Albums alright though.

  • chef

    why is it a thing for these young kids to make a face like they got down syndrome? joey ass, earl shitshit, and now this fag all do the same shit and all sound the same

  • Advance

    It's 2013. We don't want to hear you rap over other people's beats

  • Juicy-G

    ^^^^^ THANK YOU I thought was the only one who thought that way. I hate it when people rap over other people's beats.

  • Hassan

    Do you even photograph? Does it matter what the fuck its cover looks like as long as the music is good? I mean you complain about all the young cats, but you still listened right?

  • anything

    I thought this came out a few months ago?

  • samuelgard

    nothing that original, but its nice to see all the young kids first stuff sounding like this & not 'money n hoes'. He can only get better over time, id keep an eye + the song he produced himself is probs the best song on there!


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