DMX On Iyanla: Fix My Life (Preview)

I don't watch Oprah's channel (or even know what channel it is on my cable), so I've no idea what this show is or is about. But the simple fact that a "relationship expert" is trying her hand at the Tasmanian Devil that is Earl Simmons will probably be more interesting that the boxing match at Barclay's this weekend.

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  • Jordan

    Looks like DMX has met his match. Might have to peep this

  • bend

    Hahah this looks dope, gonna wtach foshua

  • Tyler Durden

    *ROFL* Aaaaaaahhhhhhh shit! LMFAO 'Lemme stop playin wit you, lemme just go right there... Are you high?!'... 'You need not be intimidated man--Just stop runnin your mouth!' Fuckery at its finest *Seriously ROFL*... 'This IS NOT gonna end well for 'Iyanla' *I foresee a Family Guy-type K.O. body position*... Gotta peep this, this is gonna be some classic shit... Funny.As.Fuck.

  • YoungCosby

    If you think Iyanla is scared of DMX, you got it twisted. She's from the projects and gets up in ya face like she still lives there. I gotta watch this one. She's a more of a life coach, not a relationship expert. I know some people gonna say "who the fuck is she to be coaching other peoples lives?" but when you hear her life story, you'll see why. You have to go through some shit in order to help people through theirs.

  • loop

    damn i hope its not what i think it is. i dont like it when they make fun of x!

  • KingOnMars

    YoungCos I dont think it has anything to do with the projects she is just real. No showing off for the cameras she is just a real lady who has been around it all before and X's brand of scary aint new to her. So loop I dont think they are making fun of him at all. He just needs somebody who knows his struggles more than he does to help him. I will watch for sure.


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