• he who finger girl on period get caught red-handed

    Man Kanye got mad for all the wrong reasons. nothing he said related to anything. He mentioned Wayne as best rapper of all time for a list meant for one year. he even mentioned his wack fucking lines that got forgotten after his verse was done on the song. the list has a pretty good criteria, I agree with the intention. I think people are angry at the place of a rapper on the list instead of looking at what put him there and thats during the year, not his whole rap career.

  • http://2dopeboyz.com Zaire Tracy

    This is just conformation that the state of hip hop is dead. There's too many rappers and not enough MCs in the industry. We may have to start judging producers instead of the artist.

  • Jay

    Who the fuck does MTV bring up? They don't find shit underground

  • d

    kanye west is the greatest rapper ever in my opinion

  • C-los

    Who gives a fuck at anything MTV and BET do or say. Good hip-hop hasn't been on there for years. Most of us knew who the hot rappers were before any of those industry reporters ever heard of them

  • realtalk

    that list is some bullshit though. straight up. how the hell drake put out ONE FUCKING SONG that immortalizes the struggle (though that shit is nowhere to him) and all the rest of them niggas below him. SMDH.