Sway Reveals The TV That Kanye West Gave To Him (Video)

blame it on Illy March 6, 2013

Yesterday, Kanye West called Hot 97’s DJ Enuff to discuss his controversial #7 spot on MTV’s “Hottest MCs” list. Even more important though was Kanye wanted to reveal that he gave Sway his first TV. Sway responded this morning to Kanye’s comments and mentioned he’d reveal the TV that Kanye West gave to him on MTV RapFix Live today and he did. Sway co-hosted the show with the television and in case you missed it, here it is.

  • FrankWhite

    I’ve had just about enough of this MTV list nonsense


    why did kanye mention that piece of shit i thought is was going be his first plasma props to sway for downplayng that faggot

  • For Damn Shame

    #ShotsFired…Now expect a Pusha T diss coming soon

  • @bmorecareful

    Kanye stole that TV from the sex dungeon I run in Philly.

  • 18083474789

    this just shows how fucked Kanye is and how real Sway is. shit I would’ve done the same thing. Give ME a TV Kanye! is one of your TVs an inch too short for your closet? holler at me!

  • CurtMcGirt

    That tv hella burnt out!!! Sway was funny as hell for this shit. He’s a town nigga from the murder dubbs fka the 20’s in east oakland. We used to see him around the way when he was still working for KMEL in the Bay before MTV. He is still cool as he was back then. Kanye is on some other shit but as long as his album is dope, I aint really trippin

  • Guest

    The best way he could’ve ever resonded to that shyt….great stuff Sway.Dowplayed the hell out of it and played along

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Kanye just looks more delusional by each statement that comes out of his reconstructed jaw from the accident as the days go by. Major Fail Kanye. Does this dude have a publicist and/or manager w/ a actual backbone to control this loopy nigga!!?? Geesh!

  • ye

    lmao kanye is hilarious