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blame it on Miss_Peas March 7, 2013

Chuuwee releases the 2nd single from his upcoming WildStyle: Side B due out March 21st. He kind of reminds me of a young AZ with his flow and character on the mic.

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  • Comeonman

    Man I’ve been a long time chuuwee fam but damn, I haven’t liked anything he’s put out for a long ass time. Sounds like he’s just getting worse and his records aren’t even mixed. Get it together dude, u haven’t even started yet.

  • Mark

    Niggas just love to hate… shut fuck up.. fake a and r ass niggas… go Chuuwee… put on bruh.. keep up the heard work.. make something of yourself.. its easy to type a fucking opinion from the computer but its hard to go out there and get bruh.. true inspiration

  • Misspeasplease

    A young AZ? Lol miss peas would say something like that. This ain’t bad but it’s no AZ

  • FiveNine

    That sample….someone help a brother out

  • FiveNine

    God’s Bathroom Floor…fucking eh

  • Juicy-G


  • listenthough

    when someone actually spits, fags take to the internet and start saying it sucks, then turn around and get mad when no one raps anymore, hipster ass niggas

  • Alex

    After Crown me King & Wildstyle it really frustrates the shit out of me that this cat isn’t larger than life right now. I just don’t get it. But future made it. Lil Scooter made it.half the rap industry is wack. Chuuwee’s that nigga i wish he can get the recognition he deserves.

  • sample is John Klemmer- Humbling Love

  • javonb

    The beat is dope, of course, I LOVE God’s Bathroom Floor, so of course it is. But this cat Chuuwee just ain’t that dope. Shit is aight, I mean, he’s not weak. But c’mon, this dude ain’t nothin special. That’s hatin? I’m just callin it how I see it.

  • Juicy-G


  • FANofgoodmusic

    How is someone a fag for not liking this? That his Adlibs sound like shit and his shit is far from cd quality. This shit should say radio rip or something. He’s been around for years now making the same low quality music. I thought it was dope at first. I saw the potential, but then nothing has improved. Nobody in here has said anything hateful, he’s a good rapper, he just doesn’t make very enjoyable songs and they have very little replay value. Sorry. Obviously the only reason were commenting is because we’re fans or at least we were at one point. If we didn’t care we wouldn’t say anything at all.

  • elite

    yo anybody else notice he sounds a lot like Eminem on Infinite??

  • TooManyRappersAndTheGenreGettingBoring

    I dont understand how some of you who were his fans wouldnt like this song. I understand on some other songs, but this song is tight. I still think he has a better flow delivery then Joey Bada$$. And has great potential. Hes got a work ethic like Curren$y and can rap about anything. (Waiting for the Joey Bada$$ dick riders to come and hate on my opinion). But yeah word. Peace.

  • Realness

    Chuuwee sounds like a whiny little bitch. Heard through the vine he fucked over Amalgam now. He thinks 9th is going to blow him up, but I head Chuuwee don’t know how to follow good advice.