Drake – 5AM In Toronto (prod. Boi-1da)

blame it on Miss_Peas March 7, 2013

A sequel of sorts to “9am In Dallas,” Drake showcases his talents with a quick and witty freestyle. Nothing Was the Same coming soon.

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  • Drizzy Season has returned…

  • blair

    this is crazy yo… not even a drake fan

  • damn homie

    Woah… I haven’t heard him go in like this in a long time.. If this is a taste of the album, I’ll be looking forward to it..

  • bran

    on point.. dope

  • lmao



    I am very critical when it comes to Drake… This was so unexpected.. For far left field.. I’m speechless.. Good work Aubrey. Sheeeesh

  • YAMS

    That beat tho. FLAMES.

  • Code

    Drake is always a beast when he is aggressive. Fuck all that other shit he be dropping lol.

  • marty mcfly

    Smh CRAZY.

  • nito

    This Fucking Goes!!!!

  • the realest

    i guess il’l be the first “hater” and say the shit was pretty boof. in a seriousness. the 9am went way harder for real. go listen for yourself.

  • WEST

    Same dudes feeling this shit, hate one him,

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    “I could load every gun with bullets that fire backwards / Probably wouldn’t lose a single rapper”

    Damn, doesn’t that sum up the rap game lol

  • the realest

    and dont nobody say “that beat tho” in appreciation. needs to be in disgrace. that beat boof too. on everything it sound like he made that shit yesterday or early this evening. just bcuz he came in at number 5 lol.

  • the realest

    Same dudes feeling this shit, hate one him,
    WEST said this on March 7th, 2013 at 2:17 am

    ^ im really not. but thats koo if you are. i gave it a listen tho.

  • whooo

    “and every song sounds like drake ft drake” damn, i dont even listen to drake but damn…im still wishin k dot and ab would drop some tracks together coming at the niggas in the rap game so people can step their game up..they need to up the ante

  • For Damn Shame

    Drake prolly right now eating cinnamon graham crackers and dipping them in warm milk while on twitter saying “I just killed the game cuhz”

  • MusicHead

    9AM in Dallas is better tho…but this song coo. it just boring kinda tho.. He spittin but it don’t make me rock my head to his flow 9AM did & the beat is okay..not great like y’all hypin it.

  • Extrapillllllssss

    He’s definitely throwing shots at someone, just don’t know who.

  • marty mcfly

    If 9AM in Dallas is better then this song that really doesn’t matter cause that song is that song not this song. He’s not supposed to go get the same beat and write the same raps again. This is a new song not the same song

  • Capo

    shots fired at the Weeknd

  • three

    drake says really? number 5 hottest MC? watch this shit MTV..

  • malcyvelli

    definitely agreeing with those saying the 9 am in dallas was better, it was for sure, this was hot though, that beat shouldve been a pass

  • okay okayyyyy

    Who are these shots at is the real question..


    @ the realest. go listen to your boring j cole tracks lmao, nigga sitting there like he didn’t just hear what he heard. OVO

  • Lance Geneva

    It’s very funny that he created this song just after niggas were hating on the simplicity of “Started From the Bottom”, which was great by the way.. But once again, Drake has silenced the skeptics as he’s always done.. We’re looking at one of the greatest stars of our generation people..

  • who cares

    Why can’t this fucker jump off a bridge already?

  • green

    @DRILL your comment…LMAO.

  • tyler

    couple shots @ pusha couple shots @ weeknd couple shots of whatever drake was sippin on before he killed this shit.

  • ‘sheed

    what are the shots at the weeknd in the song? and why would he take shots at him? i thought they were cool

  • @’sheed

    If you dont know why dont ask questions just go find out for yourself like everyone did. “Look how long we had google,Niggas still dumb as fuck” – King Chip

  • eggyolk

    9AM was just on another level. different feel. different circumstances. Drake was coming up then. It would be hard for drake to make a song like that ever again. this shit was fire though. this kind of reminds me of when j. cole dropped return of simba and the internet went bananas.

    top 5 drake songs for me
    1) 9am freestyle
    2) paris morton music
    3) marvin’s room
    4) november 18th
    5) tie between unforgettable ft. jeezy & over my dead body

  • 1hunnit

    He needs to come in on every track like this, instead of all that lullaby stuff he be doing. This is nice.

  • Master Lee

    Drake killed this. I love that niggas are still trying to hate though. I cant wait to hear Nothing Was The Same. Drizzy is about to take over the game again.

  • ‘sheed

    @esco, salty ass nigga. instead of answering my question, commenting on the song or, you know, just not commenting, you try to drop a witty and unnecessary diss at me… WITH A QUOTE! good shit, bitch ass.

  • #FREESosa


    Pretty much Weeknd played Drake like the bitch that he is now Drake is mad that Weeknd didnt sign to him & started throwing disses on twitter & “Started From The Bottom” Removed all OVOXO merchandise from his store and tweeted just OVO. Long story short Weeknd played his bitchass Erica Mena played Rich Dollaz

  • Bilal

    He sounds bit like joey badass here

  • #FREESosa

    Funny thing is Weeknd was that nigga before Drake tweeted his “House Of Ballons” link. Only bandwagon Weeknd fans found out about him through Drake. Truth of the matter Weeknd doesnt owe that nigga shit & would wash Aubrey 1on1 if it ever came down 2 it.

  • marty mcfly

    If there is a problem then good luck on Weekend ever catching up to this nigga or ever even remotely being competition to Drake. LOL, Its like Drake is giving fools the game and staying out the way when other people drop they albums and doing records with everybody else and taking newer rappers on tour before they really blow up and shit and people still find something to be mad about. Alot of cats in hip hop is ungrateful as hell even to niggas that have already done more for the culture then some of their favorite rappers have. Smh

  • marty mcfly

    Just my opinion and he mentioned Lupe name just to do it. Applaud this MC

  • alex

    Weeknd tooo high too even give a fuck about anything this nigga Aubrey is talking bout. You cant be a boss n have a boss who has a boss who has a boss yo.

  • alex

    If drake keeps avoidin his lane its only a matter of time before his fans start gettin they simp anthems someplace else

  • mike

    im pretty sure drakes moms didnt allow him to say nigga until he was 21

  • animal style

    dudes still judging character and not the music. typical

  • Butt Hurt Aubrey

    Caught a few Weeknd & Chris Brown disses. The entire 2nd verse of “Started From The Bottom” was aimed at The Weeknd.

  • Eric

    Drake gay as fuck

  • alexandre23

    niggs drake and a good composer in music so fucked up and I’ll buy the album he deserves it very well and really a rapper drake

  • alexandre23

    drake and a great song that really shoot ta lot of niggas in the streets of the United States know that even the boss

  • Le oh p

    second album didnt sound like the first album and I bet the third will be the same. I like that he masters every new sound he jumps on

  • h8rapfans

    Weeknd tooo high too even give a fuck about anything this nigga Aubrey is talking bout. You cant be a boss n have a boss who has a boss who has a boss yo.


    ^^ the fuck are you talking about? lol. Have you ever had a job? didn’t you have a boss? well, he had a buncha bosses too.. thats kind of how employment works. You should try it.

  • Schuyler

    Lyrically, that’s strike two in the promotion run for the new album, for me.

    ‘Started From the Bottom’ does not compare to ‘Over’ or ‘Headlines’ as a lead single in any way. And this ‘Toronto’ joint is eons behind ‘Dallas’ when setting the two beside one another.

    That’s my two cents, I know the Drake stans will hate me for it, but I fuck with the dude’s music, just not this booty generic shit he’s put out lately.

  • lg

    he took shots at chris brown, pusha t, and the weeknd, and made references to his slap fight with common

  • ctwins3644

    No idea how anyone can hate on this man. Who cares where he came from, theres no rule in rap that you have to be from the hood and had to sell drugs. Dude is on point. Young Money is done if he leaves.

  • gritty

    did no1 clock onto the shot at thee hottest mc list “i made forbes list, fuck ur list erryting looking gorgeous”

  • the realest

    this shit boof period. only the stans gon bump this. everyone else gon give a listen and move on.

  • the realest

    Weeknd tooo high too even give a fuck about anything this nigga Aubrey is talking bout. You cant be a boss n have a boss who has a boss who has a boss yo.
    alex said this on March 7th, 2013 at 4:44 am
    If drake keeps avoidin his lane its only a matter of time before his fans start gettin they simp anthems someplace else
    alex said this on March 7th, 2013 at 4:47 am

    Lyrically, that’s strike two in the promotion run for the new album, for me.
    ‘Started From the Bottom’ does not compare to ‘Over’ or ‘Headlines’ as a lead single in any way. And this ‘Toronto’ joint is eons behind ‘Dallas’ when setting the two beside one another.
    That’s my two cents, I know the Drake stans will hate me for it, but I fuck with the dude’s music, just not this booty generic shit he’s put out lately.
    Schuyler said this on March 7th, 2013 at 9:21 am

    ^ those. just being real.

  • Herb dean

    I don’t give a fuck what y’all dick riders say drake needs to go back to his fuckin wheel chair….lame ass nigggahs

  • marty mcfly

    The problem with saying some of his old music is better then his new music is your giving credit to the same guy. He wins on both sides of the coin. If you think Over is better then Started From The Bottom and 9AM in Dallas is better then 5AM in Toronto thats cool cause the only thing your doing is comparing Drake with Drake. So even if those songs are better that doesn’t mean these songs are strikes against him cause both these songs obviously work and you know it does. Dont try to play this nigga like he’s J Cole when it comes to singles. Started From The Bottom will be a platinum single probably before you finish your first bowl of cereal today so thats a win and this song is nothing but a lyrical check for all the hardcore purists lyrical miracle fans of hip hop. So Drake just covered both bases with this song coming after the first single. Some of you gotta reach to hard to hate even. Stop it just stop it

  • DocterDR

    ^^^^ My take on it is just that. Not to mention unlike other artists, he develops a completely new sound each year and pretty much masters it before the game even catches on.

    I’m surprised because he started off with a high benchmark with So Far Gone getting him a huge buzz and has yet to drop the ball.

  • (l,k)

    shits dope but marty mcfaggot typin paragraphs is never a good sign

  • Exhibit C

    I’m not a fan of most of Drake’s stuff because I don’t feel like there’s any dignity in a lot of what he says. Like “I’m just saying you can do better” = player haters anthem or “I’m looking through her phone when she go to the bathroom”. I’m more about “We scramble for money, I might crack a smile but ain’t a damn thing funny” or “I don’t need much but a dutch, a bitch to fuck, a six, a truck, some guns to bust, I wish it was that simple”.

    That’s just me and my opinion on Drake, not hating, I wish his career the best. This track is dope though.

  • loyalty

    @marty mcfly is obsessed with J. Cole. This dude stay mentioning Cole in his post. This post is about Drake, let Cole be. McFly is a on the low stan. Do you people peep how McFly always brings up Cole name though?

  • DrizSpouse


  • I don’t know why people that don’t like the song migrate in the comment section long after they post their comment. You guys are pretty pathetic.


  • malcyvelli

    @loyalty AMEN

  • Rofashow

    too many people were giving him shit for Started From The Bottom so he had to hit niggas wit these bars. like Craig did to D-Bo

  • JaySole

    He’s firing shots at the Weeknd and Chris Brown

  • 40oz. Prophet

    Garbage. not impressed…as usual.

    Carry on.

  • marty mcfly

    @loyalty, Cole’s name was already brought up when somebody compared one of his older songs to this one but the reason I brought up Cole is because his singles 9 times outta ten are always wack trash. Furthermore if anybody out there thinks Drakes raps is so wack then you go get the instrumental and get busy then since you can do so much better. Do I think Drake is some kinda lyrical genius? NO but is there creativity behind his bars? Absolutely

  • marty mcfly

    Not only creativity but also the actual truth. Most these other niggas is lying in the rhymes about how great they are, Drake is really living what he’s saying in his rhymes. If you cant respect that your whole perspective is wack. Since your name is Loyalty you should peep how he never tried to shit on Wayne or Cash Money and he’s played his position even when he out shinned the other members of YMCMB. THATS what you call loyalty and alot of you niggas never been loyal to nothing. @(l’k) I;ll tell you what, your favorite rapper Joe Boredom has the wackest album of the year so far so tell that fool give 2 Chainz his style back.

  • NoSubs

    “I’m just being frank with you/I mean, where you think she at when she ain’t with you?” …Hmmm…I wonder if he’s talkin bout Chr…..nevermind lol…

  • TheCoolestMC

    Dudes on here stealing Big Ghostfase’s tweets lol.

  • really?

    lol @ marty for his…”The problem with saying some of his old music is better then his new music is your giving credit to the same guy” logic…’re giving not just giving credit to the same guy , you’re giving credit to that guys old stuff and saying the new stuff isnt only not better, but worse…meaning he’s getting worse…leave it to this guy to make things more difficult than it has to be in order to defend someone who’s putting zero money in his pocket

  • really?

    you never claimed a rapper fell off marty? if so you do the same thing…comparing a rappers new stuff to there old stuff…there is nothing wrong with stating a rapper is falling off…only to you

  • NoSubsAgain

    @TheCoolestMC Who tf is Big Ghostfase? Slap yourself.

  • marty mcfly

    @really, so because you think Drake fell off or got worse is your opinion supposed to be the law or something? My thing is you dont even have to agree with my opinion because all you have to do is look at the state of hip hop and you’ll see and hear Drake on every song thats poppin. As soon as you see Drake’s new shit is out your gonna sit your ass down and listen to it and you probably already have all his other music but you just wanna front for whatever reason. So if thats falling off or getting worse then thats your opinion and if this song is worse then cool, I guess we’ll just listen to the “fell off” version of Drake cause its still sounds dope. Go check the dope vs nope ratio. I mean it doesn’t seem like people really give a shit about what was better between now and I song from like 3 or 4 years ago does it? Ok then. Smh

  • marty mcfly

    Example when people say Nas old songs is better then his newer stuff does it really matter? NO because even if Nas gets worse or “falls off” the end result is still dope music.

  • really?

    @marty no, my opinion or anybody else’s isnt law….but im entitled too it…i didnt say myself drake fell off, i was referring to what other people were saying, and addressing you’re funny logic lol now you can continue writing meaningless story’s about how you feel about drake when i didnt ask you lol its entertaining to watch you solidify yourself as the internet’s biggest dickrider

  • really?

    obviously people do give a shit about what was better between 3/4 years ago an now…thats what you were addressing in the first place lmao talk about putting your foot in your mouth

  • marty mcfly

    Ok so what would you like to say about Drakes music or me or whatever? What exactly are yo saying? Do you have something to say or you just want me to know what other people say? I mean your talking about writing meaningless stories, ok well what are you talking about? Drake getting worse? Thats cool with me… If this is what it sounds like when Drake is getting worse then it sounds cool to me. You talking about what you think about me like im supposed to give a fuck or something but you sound like a little bitch so what you wanna vent or something? Eat a dick you pussy ass fukboy. FOH

  • marty mcfly

    And if people think this song is wack or worse then his old shit is that supposed make me feel some kinda way? Of course not you idiot, I think the song is cool and i really dont even give a shit about some song from before his first album came out. I been heard that shit already its old news bitch.

  • really?

    eat a dick you pussy ass fuck boy? lmao….how bout you give me your address so we can see if you’re that tough face to face with somebody like me? didnt think so pussy

  • really?

    is it suppose to make you feel some kind of way? umm well yea…thats why you commented…(slaps forhead)

  • marty mcfly

    Whatever man, I mean im sure you wanna get into so some fucking keyboard Killer shit and now you feel like your pretty cool or whatever but seriously, you comment about my comments and then you talking about some tough guy shit and all this face to face shit. Smh I mean stop it fool, Im sure you and some other clowns find that shit amusing but to me you just sound like a fucking idiot. Again man FOH

  • Jordan

    Say what you want about this song or Drake as an artist, but he’s leading the culture right now (sonically, creatively, content wise). When he drops a song, everybody listens; whether they’re fans or not. The only other rapper meeting that criteria is Kanye. Period

  • I haven’t been on this site in a while… But Just wanted to say 2 things. Drake killed this, and most of you niggas in the comment section are lame. Especially this The Realest guy. Peace out.

  • Matthew

    He really sent shots at like everyone. “I made Forbes list n—a/f–k your list/everything is looking gorgeous” is a shot at MTV. “Where you think she at when she aint with ya” is towards Chris when there was that love triangle going on. ” ‘Cause I show love, never get the same outta n—as/ It’s funny how money can make change outta n—as,” is directed at The Weeknd because a few weeks ago some account linked to Drake said “Just OVO”. He’d definitely taking shots at a lot of people in this song.

  • JReezy

    This kind of Drake track…this that shit I do like. He brought the lyricism I expect from him so I can’t complain. This has definitely got me looking forward to the album even more now.

  • drew

    somebody tell em… we dont believe you! did the maple leaves lose? canadian bacon go up? no wait jewish passover date change? cuz he sounds angry. dont act like you at this point for bein a tuff guy Aubs you make music girls paint they nails to. if this hard the 90’s were death metal

  • gregory kruxx.

    Drizzy killed it.. This boy got talent coming out his ears. He spits bars over real shit and can sing and get the ladies panties moist…So I really cant understand how niggahs be hatin..Cause that is G !!!
    This ish is Tuff…He just shit on niggahs he collab wit!!!1 HA!!!

  • ytt

    marty off yourself

  • (l,k)

    lol marty always trying to shit on jump off joe and yet he dick rides drake lmao. too ironic considering drake took a lot of his style from joe and made it catchier, youd think hed at least acknowledge joe as lyrical.

    but of course he wouldnt since he got that jay-z dick in his throat lol ur #1 respected joe enough that he dissed him and shelved him out of fear joe would steal some of his shine lmao

  • T9FTW

    LOL at this gay ass beat

  • SA


  • ThePimpStick

    This shit cool but Symphony woulda bodied this beat

  • DezMcFly

    He Just Bodied The MTV Hottest List… He Was Pissed… Who Still Think This Dude Cant Rap Or Hold His Own

  • Joe

    what i dont get is how drake can talk about how people sneak diss him and how he doesnt listen to it and then in the next few lines sneak diss chris brown lmao

  • Most of you guys are talking nonsense. Drake is an artist and we need to let an artist paint their own picture. Like him or not this guy is above us when it comes to living on this earth in so many ways even when top names hate on him it’s just nonsense because his money puts him above it. Drake takes every single aspect of his music and creates a message that very few of his fans digest and fully comprehend. Take Care proved that he is servicing us by entertainment and we should appreciate that if you’re a fan, if not why even waste time debating? It only makes for more of his existence.

  • marty mcfly

    @(I.k), when bitches like you say shit like wack Joe Boring is top 5 or when people say Kendrick is the greatest or J Cole is this and that using some great way far out kinda claim. Thats dickriding. I never said Drake was some super lyrical nigga or the greatest or top 5 or anything like that. My statements about Drake are just the truth. When I say shit like this song is crazy, that aint no dickriding comment you dumb bitch, thats just basically saying its dope. When I say Drake is the hottest MC right now cause he popping up everywhere and on everybodys songs, that aint dickriding, thats something thats just obviously true. I said Drake’s first singles worked and it aint hard to tell is it Becky? Drake never took no style from fucking Joe Boredom, LOL you mean the wack nigga with no big songs like ever in his life except Pump Pump P P P Pump It Up…. White bitch GTFOH

  • marty mcfly

    Joe Budden has the wackest album of 2013 so far and some of you git the nerve to say that niggas dope. He’s trash and he been garbage since MM2 end of story.

  • (l,k)

    marty typin full paragraphs of garbage like what he says is of any value whatsoever=AUTOMATIC LMFAO

    this faggot wacks off to the otis video AHAH

  • marty mcfly

    Pump p p pump pump p p p pump
    Pump p p pump pump it up
    Pump p p pump pump p pump p pump
    Pump p p pump pump it up
    Pump p p pump pump it up
    We gon do it like (Uuh, uuh, uuh)

    These are your favorite rappers most memorable bars Katie. FOH

  • (l,k)




  • marty mcfly

    I swear I never even heard the Pump It Up remix LOL, thats another indication of how garbage that fool is especially since you had to talk about a verse from ten years ago. I’ll say this, Boredom is one lyrical cat and thats even more crazy that is music turns out to be so trash. That makes no damn sense at all but hey if you say he killed Jay on a song from ten years ago then good for him but I can see why Jay would never get on a record with that nigga ever again, one verse is peanuts considering Joe been a visible artist on the mainstream since the early 2000s.

  • (l,k)

    lmfao this dude got so hurt by the pump it up remix he hating on it ten years later YOURE NOT FOOLING ANYONE FAM

    let j take his L it’ll be ok!

  • marty mcfly

    No im being 100 right now, i’ve honestly never heard that remix with Jayz on it, like seriously on everything and whats even more fucked up is im not even tripping off going to listen to it. Thats how trash this nigga Joe Boredom has become imo. If it wasn’t for Slaughter this fool would just be the ultimate lyrical wack nigga.

  • marty mcfly

    Hold the fuck up, I just went to that bullshit and it wasn’t no damn remix it was just some kinda mixtape shit that Kay Slay put together and Joe was even wack back then, right after the defining song of his career. Jayz shit on his verse. FOH

  • trudoe

    not only has the engineering stepped up since 9am, but
    he sounds hungrier here than 9am
    wittier lines too.
    yup yup

  • ive talked alot shit bout this dude but goddamn if you can’t admit this is fuckin sick then you got personal issues bruh

  • silence

    This beat is hella weak tho.

  • Did this twinkie-fillin, Sean Pennn-in-Carlito’s-Way-ass nigga just say “..if anything happen to Papi, he might pop a nigga forreal”?

    Beat’s dope, even if Drake sounded off beat the whole time.

  • DOPE!!

  • CU.

    I still dont understand how people still cant give this guy some credit? he got lyrics, he got flow, he got vocals, and he has his own producer…what more could you ask for in an MC? Pay homage.