• david

    Pleasant surprise, we need more Ra. Incredible multi's. 'Ain't nothin deeper than the root of evil, it's too cerebral, look what it do to people' These verses aren't ones you can throw together in half an hour, he's rhyming phrases that people don't usually rhyme with. It's common for people to come with new LINES but it's not often you hear new RHYMES. Hope he drops a project this year

  • http://fortiesandbluntskid.wordpress.com fortiesandbluntskid

    Smh, Rakim still raps circles around 99.9% of these rappers.

  • CuDi

    how was this so overlooked!

  • Thomaz

    Wow! Rakim is still the greatest. What about a Rakim & Apollo Brown joint album? (Eric B please forgive me)