Yelawolf – Trunk Muzik Returns (Artwork)

Yelawolf unveils the artwork to Trunk Muzik Returns out 3/14.

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  • who cares

    Holy fuck that looks awful.

  • willmofo

    He really looks like a dirty hillbilly now!!!

  • hmmmmmm

    Yelawolf is a dope rapper, but why the drastic & sudden change of his imagine? I don't care but it happened so suddenly it's weird.

  • Dontlistentome

    He converted to Judaism that's why you guys should do your research.

  • DK

    Didn't really change his image just grew a beard and is wearing shades.

  • BayArea415

    Can you say, Re-BRANDING...It's so painfully obvious after not selling that many records for Interscope.

    "Time for a new approach"

    ...but the cover is fine other than that.

  • BayArea415

    ...ANDDDDDD the position of his head infront of that flag makes it look like he has those iPod headphones in his ear. That and the chain he's wearing make it even worse. Lol, ahhh well.

  • C-los

    It's almost a joke how much better his mixtapes are than his album. Even after getting signed to Shady he came out with the Heart of Dixie mixtape and it killed his Radioactive album

  • lima

    The Heart of Dixie was the worst mixtape Yelawolf ever did come on dawg if you fans new better you could tell by the production level from Hart of Dixie to radioactive yeah I know music listeners


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