• Billy

    School Boy Q does the same joke in every interview with black hippy. I'm starting to think that he really doesn't like them niggas

  • shiiiieeeeeet

    ^ you some type of sensitive nigga? fuck a black hippy album. let them do their own shit. Q gunna past all of them anyway


    shit interview

  • http://soundcloud.com/djlankywhite/still-partyin-still-bullshittin DJ Lanky White

    That was hardly a back story. "Well, me and Dot, nah mean? We was like...nah mean?"

  • IllaIiller

    When the fuck will these dumb ass interviewers stop askin these dudes about that fuckin black hippy album?? The more they ask the more they aint gonna wanna do it. Q and Soul aint even dropped there official retail solo projects yet why would they wanna do a whole album with each other right know that question is so annoying

  • abovethenorman

    "I don't even know where the cameras at but I'm better." haha

  • 93

    nah mean

  • ???

    weak ass interview, why bother posting it

  • Turtle

    This was the least interesting 1:11 I have ever watched in full.

  • markaveli

    TDE eatin!!