• Nico

    First!, WIZ KHALIFA 4 Ever!

  • Meatball

    Goes hard.. Do ya thing wiz

  • karvin

    game still hasnt fallen off.....hmmph

  • pattuchi

    Hey this is what i want all over not what i.lil Wayne is doing

  • YOYO


  • Whaley


  • Dwayne Melbourne

    Nice track I want to hear the rest.

  • Eliud

    Dope as hell, they all went in.
    But i Fk with wiz since day 1!

  • ArielNicolas

    So dope, Love from Argentina ♥

  • Sturgill17

    Wiz going ham!

  • Rod Stewart

    Fuck 2 dope boyz, all them niggas is bitches.