So J. Cole, How Do You Feel About MTV's List?

Like damn near everybody else at this point, he could give two fucks about it. Sitting with DJ Drama, he speaks on the infamous list, his new single with Miguel, Lil Wayne's Dedication 4 cut and more.

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  • ear2ear

    everyone says mtv doesn't represent hip-hop, or the list is meaningless, but here's another article about it and another MC voicing his opinion about it, even though he's half joking about it, he's making it relevant by trying to discredit it.

  • Dom Mayberry

    that list is a fluke, rick ross but no t.i?

  • marty mcfly

    Whats up with this soundcloud bullshit? Just saying

  • PaulLakers

    marty mcfly nobody on this site likes you go kill yourself. and stop ruining the legacy of Michael J. Fox and pick a new name you faggot

  • marty mcfly

    I know I'm a faggot, I just can't help it. I realize nobody likes me in real life so I try to find acceptance online but clearly it isn't working. I'm wrapping the rope around my neck as we speak

  • marty mcfly

    I only troll marty because I hate myself and im really a fag that gets emotional when I see marty comment. Im concerned about if people like him or not more then he is cause im a bitch myself. Oh well, I'll just homotroll him cause he's better then me and im mad. #The Owning never dies...

  • marty mcfly

    than*. Sorry I can't spell either. I just can't do anything right

  • wqw

    the only people that have a problem with marty are the ignorant ,narrow minded, all caps writing 18 year old typehipsters. the type to post impersonating as someone and type out homosexual fantasies and tell people to kill themselves over music opinions because they cant articulate a logical argument . the rest of us welcome his presence. we need a balance for the ignorant hipsters.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Appreciate it pimpin. On another note @Shake & Meka, when ya'll gonna give me like my own post or something? Like on a Saturday or Sunday or some shit where I can just spazz out on all the dope/wack songs of the week? Just saying

  • James Whit

    I really want to see Cole succeed, but dude is being a little to passive IMO. There was once a time where the Drake/Cole comparisons were prevelant but Drake has eclipsed him as far as fame is concerned. I don't know what is taking dude so long to take off.

  • PaulLakers

    @wqw quit fronting we all know you're marty giving yourself props using another name. We don't believe you, you need more people!

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Nah, I dont need to play around like that. Dont hate on me, be mad at yourself.

  • wqw

    I'm not marty. Just a regular on the site who observes all the ignorance on these comments. but if it helps you sleep better you can tell yourself im marty. An IP check would disappoint you tho

  • Enlite

    Coles drunk lol. And making death threats ain't a good look either lmao


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