Flatbush ZOMBiES & The Underachievers – No Religion

blame it on Illy March 12, 2013

The ZOMBiES and The Underachievers collaborate on their latest leak titled, “No Religion.”

  • reuben schoots

    I’m gay!

  • Matt Laing

    Reuben, it’s time for me to come out too. I love you man. Let’s make our next hang out a little cheeky ;) ?

  • reuben schoots

    Was fucking joking, fag.

  • thatrealshit

    why these homes on the internet? lol!!

  • bayrep

    HA HA damn, flatbush never amaze me anymore. i used to be a fan but shit, not anymore…..

  • Nigga

    Possibly the best song art that will ever come out this year among the imminent flood of baby pics

  • Flagme127

    I never understood why people don’t like these guys. If its weak flow, then who has better? The entire A$AP and Pro Era movements have nobody as animated as the dudes in FBZ aside from A$AP Ferg. These other niggas are too cool on these songs.

  • wigga


  • reallydoe

    I just want people to stop saying Beast Coast. Those buzzwords are corny as fuck.

  • adolfmayne

    It’s okay thought it was gonna be everyone not just meech & ak it should meech & dash and juice & ak

  • Wunako

    ^^^^ agree man i was quick to download it thinking it was all 5 of them on the song, but its still not bad but not as good as MRAZ

  • ant


    either you like it or you dont eat a dick