Joe Budden Talks Fight w/ Consequence (Audio)

blame it on Illy March 12, 2013

Joe Budden and Consequence went at it again. Word broke out on Twitter earlier today when Consequence took to Twitter to tweet that he delivered the smack down on Joe Budden at VH1’s Love and Hip Hop reunion show taping today. Joe Budden quickly responded by taking to Twitter to clear up the news stating that the blow was a sucker punch from behind and that Tahiry managed to snuff Consequence which prompted him to run away. Amazing. Joe also confirmed that the incident was all caught on tape.

Budden did however call into Hot 97’s Angie Martinez show to discuss the incident in more detail which he believes stemmed from last month’s Hot 97 confrontation in which Joe Budden confronted Consequence during an interview with Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds. Hear the Angie Martinez phone call below.

  • dhdhd

    Consequence. Wow. That’s the most pussy shit I’ve ever heard of. And the fact that Joey confronted him a month ago calmly with fucking COFFEE IN HIS HAND. Joe, salute. Realist ever.

  • dumbass

    some dumb shit to go parading around about smacking another dude. is that what people are proud of nowadays? smfh

  • Papa G

    i will bitch slap cons

  • smh

    fuck cons! once he was a kanye dick-rider now hes doin gay shit


    Cons taken L’s ever since he had a career. and Queens ain’t fucking with that nigga. Bitch slapping somebody from behind is Harlem shit.

  • So wheres the tape buddens? I switch that tape with the Raekwon slap to ya eye face, you bozo the clown looking Nggina

  • MAL

    Why do none of these bitch ass niggas have the balls for a fair fight if Buddens is really the wimp/pushover they say he is? Huh?

  • yawk


    LMFAO i know right!

  • MAL

    Flex confirmed the events on instagram. Just release the goddamn footage and Con’s “career” is over. Nigga will never be able again to leave his kennel.

  • Tom

    Consequence is a hoe-ass nigga

  • Slaughterhouse

    Consequence really is a faggot, lmao. He smacked Budden from behind, got hit with a punch from Tahiry, ran away… And the 1st thing he does is tweet that he smacked Budden. That’s 4 bitch moves.

  • randomguy

    I does this! lolz


    LET’S SEE THE TAPE or Budden takes L number 1080238923.

    This guy’s still trying to be credible in the rap game getting caught up with CONS. LMFAO.

  • marty mcfly

    Joey stay getting punched by other artists. LOL, so Cons smacked and then made it out the building without getting punched back? I wanna punch Joey in the face just for always getting punched by other people.

  • marty mcfly


  • Chris Z

    marty just loves to hate on joe budden and j cole because they get more attention from jay z than him

  • Wilfred Capz

    Nah Chris Z I hardly ever agree with marty but J.Cole & Baby Kangaroo Budden are fucking lames who want to be THE MAN so bad but they never will be. If the rap game was like elementary basketball they’d be C team for life.

  • marty mcfly

    @Chris Z, yeah well Cole dont be talking tough in his music so he if gets hit in the face and strawberry milkshake goes flying everywhere its cool. Just get that nigga a ice pack and buy him a new milkshake but Joey be talking tough so if he gets punched no matter what the circumstance is its an automatic L.

  • KNZO

    i don’t understand how cons has been in the game for so long and STILL not having any significance with his music. there’s a point where i feel bad for certain artists for not getting their recognition but cons needs to go away.

  • yawk

    if being a hater keeps marty off suicide watch then so be it

  • checkonem

    ‘Joe, salute. Realist ever’

    sh!t like this

  • MJ50

    HAHA, this shit be mad funny. The first commment from Budden stans kill me.

    @KNZO you do know that other than Pump It Up, you can replace Cons in your comment and insert Joe Budden…Joe as a solo artist or Slaugherhouse Joe. Doesn’t matter. Ok then.

  • yawk

    also don’t understand how niggas act like joe’s a failure just cause he hasn’t made many attempts to be big. dude makes dope music, he just doesn’t try often at making that ignorant shit that bumps. niggas try actin like his projects haven’t been critically well received when literally all of them have been. shits beyond me fam

  • spudd

    lol joe would have this dudes head if they went at it in any way

  • Tsu

    Marty, you’re a 24-carat moron. NOBODY, no matter how tough he talks, takes an automatic L for being attacked from BEHIND and not being able to fight back because the pussy-ass offender is long gone. Not even Kimbo Slice. Yeah, I know, you would have run after him and would have told the security guards to please step aside so you can take vengeance and color the floor with his blood, right? I’m not a Budden fan, but Budden already won this when he confronted Cons and made him looke like a complete fool. And the today’s incident doesn’t change this. Quite the opposite. Now it’s even 2:0, because Budden obviously managed it to make this faggot lose self-control only by schooling him with his calm and collected approach in front of hundreds of thousands viewers on Youtube…

  • CoryNY


    Word! Niggas actin like 1) “Pump It Up” wasn’t a huge banger but sum crappy embarrassing shit and 2) like Buddens is the typical one-hit-wonder typa nigga who tried n tried, but never made it a second time. There’s a different between don’t making it and don’t wanting it anymore…..

  • Simplycray

    Newsflash: Budden obviously fought back. Check their twitter. LOL

  • LadyD

    I see Cons still upset Joe was talking to him like a father disappointed in his son at Hot 97. He been harboring that animosity for weeks lol

  • Geezy

    The relevance of these two as rappers is null, Cons broke the code by running up on dude, snuffing him like a bitch then running onto a social media network to brag about- as a man you don’t do shit like that. Joey shot him a fair one, approached him face to face and handled the shit calmly the way a grown man would and allowed him to tell his side of the story. Instead of taking it at face value, Cons decided to get his feelings hurt and retaliate the way an insecure human being would, by pulling this shit.

    Hard to respect this.

  • Jon Doe

    Consequence you’s totally a piece a shit.. never liked ur music now i no for a fact ur a total BITCH ASS PUSSY! Joey would eat u alive.. end of story. FAGGOT!

  • jwiii

    While I find this all to be silly, it still doesn’t affect how I listen to their music. Still enjoy Don’t Quit Your Day Job and a bunch of Budden music.

  • Cons is blow pop, full blown sucka!

  • Cons is such a fuckin’ character and a GIRL…he makes The Nation of Islam look so bad. They should banish his ass from the nation…WORD UP!!!