New Notorious B.I.G. Cartoon In Works: House of Wallace

Forget Casper the Friendly Ghost. There's a new HNIC-ghost in town, kicking in the doors. House of Wallace is a new animated series that will follow the late Biggie's two kids, CJ & T'yanna in which the premise is their struggle to "prevent their father's Brooklyn music studio from being replaced by "a cookie cutter 'entertainment factory.'" Yes, Biggie will star as the ghost who "serves as a central character, appearing to the children in ethereal form to guide them through the adversities they face as they struggle to preserve their father’s labor of love." The press release states: "Not only will C.J. and T’yanna be voicing their own characters, but a bevy of musical artists will also appear on the show, alongside a hilarious and endearingly-affable staff of studio employees. Music will constitute a central component of the show, including original songs from guest stars and re-imagined renditions of classics from the Wallace catalog." This really gives a new meaning to Life After Death. Sorta. Spotted at Complex via Gawker.

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  • beyenesausage

    Cringe....but the family consign so it might be okay...

  • Chuck E

    Damn, I understand putting money in his kid's pockets, love for this. I can't even think in any kind of execution this would come out all right.

    Wait, it's not April 1st, right?

  • Washcloth

    Just let the man rest in peace


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