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  • polo hova

    this shit dope af

  • VSOP

    international house of pancakes line again huh? What is this, the "Freek'n You remix"

  • Sam Flow (yes, im a female)

    @VSOP: Wha??? I dont get it.

  • http://marzncharge.tumblr.com MarzNCharge

    I damn sure ain't mad at that cover

  • Chris

    Is that Pam Grier though?

  • Rude Judy

    @Chris: It sure ain't Wanda Sykes....OR IS IT?!

  • troytrav

    Sorry Kanye but this cover is the best cover of all time.

  • O

    Pam Grier yeh..

  • david

    JD Era is really developing as an MC hope he drops a project of similar quality soon

  • 6’5

    he should have gon head n rapped over da 9th joint. this beat is dope af too doe