Yelawolf – Gangster f. A$AP Rocky & Big Henry

blame it on Illy March 12, 2013

Trunk Muzik Returns on March 14.

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  • Killaaa

    big henry might have killed this the hardest

  • fuggOUTtahere

    more proof that Rocky sucks ass at this rapping shit

  • Fuckfaggots

    Rocky did his thing @fuggouttahere u fucking bitch

  • Rocky sucks ass

    he sounded like he was crying on his verse. dont get hurt about it bruh.

  • Fuckfaggots

    Lol its ok if you dont like him you dont have to i liked his verse

  • realtalk™

    yeah Rocky is not a very good rapper.. I kinda dig the ASAP movement, but too much hype..

  • Kdot1

    Lets Be honest people hate A$AP because dude wears skirts and shit , he is a pretty nice rapper dude can spit


    Woulda been satisfied with jus Yela and the Big Henry fella…Rocky sucked the energy out of the track

  • da nigga sucks, NIGGA

    no, dude can wear skirts if he wants. I aint mad at a long hair nigga for displaying his pussy on stage, but he really fucking sucks at rapping.

  • thats what we call shark death. cuz sharks can’t swim backwards.

    “Lol its ok if you dont like him you dont have to i liked his verse”
    that was a big change from
    “Rocky did his thing @fuggouttahere u fucking bitch”

  • Mike

    Wow, never doubting Yelawolf again.

  • Nova

    lol bro just because all the stupid little kiddies are liking A$AP now doesnt mean it’s a movement, he’s been around for quite awhile and his game still the same, he still fire. Plus, he’s got cash, so he don’t give a fuck how you feel.

  • WickyWoss and rocky >>>

    how does he try to say he’s responsible for making the bone flow hot and then miss this golden opportunity to use it?