Joe Budden & Consequence Fight At Love & Hip Hop Reunion (Video)

blame it on Shake March 13, 2013

We’ve heard everyone’s side of the story by now. From Consequence saying he “smacked the SHIT outta” Joe Budden, to Joe Budden getting hit from behind and Tahiry responding with a punch of her own, etc. Yesterday, Joey went on Angie Martinez and spoke more on the initial incident and promised to retaliate.  Which led to the second incident where Joey was said to of beat up Cons. Now, we’ve got some amateur footage of the latest altercation. Check that up top and hit the jump to see bot rapper’s latest Twitter updates.

  • OneEyeIsTheKing

    Hard to see anything with that camera view

  • HipHopPolice


  • Niorfancy

    damn that nigga got big teeth.

  • beastman318

    So Joe sent security to beat Cons up? Joe shoulda just handled him on his own. Cons aint got no hands. He sneakin niggas n shit. Joe shoulda just put Tahiry back on his ass. lmao!

  • If Joe Budden hit like a bitch, then why did Consequence have to be picked up from the floor? I don’t care what no one says, Tahiry is a ride or die bitch.

  • DK

    I hate girls who screech like that during fights irritating as hell…

  • wat

    @beastman318: Joe DID handle him. Hard to see but he was part of the scuffle. He and his crew jumped him. Cons had it coming honestly.

  • StepYourGameUp

    Man i hate that bitch Cons is with why the fuck you screaming if your man is such a badass? Come on son.

  • Desmind

    the chief keef footage was better than this sigh

  • 2dope4nope

    Yeah “amateur footage” is the key word and focus nigga I hate when ppl show themselves and say shit like ‘we here now we here now’ haha GTFOH and Con’s bitch damn with the screaming shit smh shouts to Tahiry tho a ride or die bitch no doubt!

  • marty mcfly

    Niggas wanna be gangsta so bad, smh. All they had to do was drive a few blocks down then jump out and square up somewhere, simple as that. Its easy to be all aggressive when you know security gonna break it up after one punch.

  • poopoohead

    These are fuckin grown ass men.

  • lp

    I know Cons sucker punched and ran like a bitch, but you’re tellin’ me Joe couldn’t handle him with a one-on-one? Joe had to get his crew? C’mon son.. Cons is like 5 foot tall.

  • b ali

    Smh @all u gossipy bitches.

    Sad times

  • BayArea415

    Real Talk – There are few things more annoying than black girls.

    Shut the fuck up! ..yelling isn’t gonna do a thing

  • Jeff

    I kinda think this is all staged or something. If you look closely at around 0:14 in, in the background by the bus, you will see a profession camera guy with those cameras these use for television filming the whole thing. That’s just my thoughts though.

  • come on Shake

    “Joey was said to of beat up Cons.’
    was said to HAVE beat up Cons. what is “said to of?” smh

  • TooOf

    Umm “to of” though? What in the shit does that mean?

  • Tom

    @ Jeff, what’re you talking about “staged”… you do realize this happened during the filming of a Love & Hip Hop episode… Joe already straightened that out, so there WOULD be professional camera men there for the sake of the show being filmed.

  • hakz75

    @bayarea415….cons girl is jen the pen a white chick…cons deserves a beatdown 1 on 1 or jumped

  • Unique

    I love Joe and Cons… But when reviewing the tape it’s become clear to me that looked like Joe got his ass Molliewhopped…. Where I’m from Bitches bag back and let the Men handle theirs….. And Jen quit screaming and Squad the Fuck Up