Young Guru Previews “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe (rmx)” f. Jay-Z (Video)

blame it on the intern March 13, 2013

Young Guru plays a rmx of Kendrick Lamar’s “B*tch Dont Kill My Vibe” with new verses from Kendrick and a verse from Hov while at SXSW.

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  • datnigg

    bitch ass intern

  • dope as fuck!!!! …. he needs to do a song or remix with Nas bad tho

  • PaulLakers


  • JF3

    need full

  • Mad Real

    Pusha >>>>>> Kendrick

  • zookeeper

    ^No…just no.

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    DOPE!! Lol seemed like those lame ass kids in the video didn’t even understand what was going on though…

  • Killaaa

    lol @ Pusha > Kendrick

  • Jake

    Anyone know what kind/brand of hat that guy in the front row is wearing? I’m talking about the Hawaiian looking one

  • Tiiz

    Consequence > Pusha > Kendrick

  • @tizz Sir mixalot > Consequence > Pusha > Kendrick

  • marty mcfly

    Its cool I guess and Kendrick will definitely gain some spins off it but they might as well have just put this on the album. If its just a loose remix out there just floating around on its own cause it was just recorded thats cool but imo its kinda late.

  • sarcasm


  • spewing

    @marty mcfly

    How is it late when the album is still selling at least 15k a week and hasn’t even been out for half a year yet. Smh, fans of Hip Hop have no concept of time.

  • thatrealshit


    he’s releasing the song as his next single, so hes tryna hype the track with a big name on the remix (or maybe this will serve as the next single). either way the timing seems pretty good to me

  • niglet

    Jay ALWAYS has to hop on the younger dudes tracks to stay hot! This track is better left untouched.


    God MC Ain’t Have To Do Little Kendrick Like That Smh

  • Jarvo

    ^^^ Jay just showing respect, He did a better job on this than that bullshit of a so g wit vole on that Gold watch foolery.

  • marty mcfly

    @spewing, unfortunately this song aint on the album though and yeah im sure it will help some but just making the point that next time Jay might wanna move a little faster so it makes the actual album. @niglet, This song does alot more for Kendrick then it does for Jayz cause Jay doesn’t have to be hot anymore, he passed that stage a very long time ago. And before this bullshit even starts, if you think Kendrick had a better verse then Jay (I dont btw)? That would be a good thing not a bad thing cause Jay is also passd the whole, is he lyrical enough argument as well. Just saying

  • marty mcfly

    And yes I know getting on a remix early enough to make an album doesn’t always happen but I think Jayz probably could’ve made the call early.

  • beastman318

    Well i dont know what yall talking bout, but this remix is dope. Can’t wait for CDQ! It didnt need to be on the album. If you listen to Kendrick verse he talking bout his sales which means he recorded this after the album. Besides it doesnt fit with the whole concept of the album like the original version did. But the remix is sounding super dope. Leak Guru? plz!

  • bro

    shit brah. Jay always getting shown up on these remixes.

  • marty mcfly

    @bro, idk what your talking about cause Jay dont even do alot of remixes and most of the ones he did do was with R&B artists and rappers who aint even known for lyrical bars. 2nd im pretty sure Jay could’ve just killed the song but then it would’ve sounded awkward anyway. The point of collaboration isn’t to shit on the other guy who’s on the same song. The only people that are into that are hip hop purists, the average listener really dont care who has the better verse cause they barely pay attention to the actual lyrics anyway. Picture this laid back song with this chill vibe and then after Kendrick goes jay comes in with some over the top battle raps, punchlines and metaphors all over the place? That would’ve sounded ridiculous anyway.

  • stfu marty

    marty, I for real want to chin check your bitch ass. Haymaker to the fucking dome. Anyone who acts like the authority on music can catch a two piece and you’re at the top of my list. Every time I peep this site there is your clown ass trying to drop knowledge. Go get some pussy or something nigga, damn.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Bitchassness LOL

  • GOODmusic

    this cool af, lol @ pusha>kdot and question bout that wak ass hat

  • 2dope4nope

    Haha this nigga playing Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe but Juru killed the vibe haa nah playing but need in CDQ already!

  • 2dope4nope

    Oops correction Guru with young in front ha

  • dctree

    marty be trolling the shit outta yall lol. ignore that fool. Dope ass remix too

  • YouGots2Chill

    Kendrick’s second verse #NuffSaid

  • chris

    Kendrick, Em, n Twista.

  • cashmadison

    @everyone actually jay z signed Kendrick to his first major label deal back when was head of def jam and Kendrick went by kdot… they have a history. . Just wasn’t the right time.. jays

  • ear2ear

    Jay-Z is very hit or miss at this point for me. I respect him for giving us classic albums and songs, but it seems like a lot of these lyrics are mailed in these days. The last things I really have felt from him since Black Album in terms of lyrics are “Thank You” “Why I Love You” and his verse on “Shiny Suit” with Electronica. Outside of that, I have to say the producers or the company on the track have been carrying Hov. Not hating though. I’ll always tune in because I know what he’s capable of.

  • Why should Kendrick have put the remix on the album? The album track is PERFECT. It’s PERFECT for Kendrick, it’s perfect for the album. Putting a feature on it would just ruin it. Now, if it’s a stand alone single, that’s a whole ‘nother matter and then it will work, but this shouldn’t have been on the album and it rightly wasn’t. It’s like people saying The Jig Is Up should’ve been on the album just cause it goes hard. NO. Where does it fit in? That’s exactly what the problem with most rap albums are today, they put songs on the album because the beat goes hard or because it’s a club banger instead of putting songs on there that fit the album, that make sense, that mesh perfectly and creates cohesiveness.

  • marty mcfly

    @ear2ear, what does mailed in mean? Then you named songs from him that were on his last two albums so your basically saying you was feeling some of the last few songs he did. You aint like Empire State, DOA, Otis, Murder To Excellence, No Church etc..? OK. Obviously the cadence on this song was constructed to match this particular beat so Idk what you mean by mailed in. IMO as far as production carrying his flow? I haven’t heard him do that since BP1. Since then his bars seem too deliberate and calculated to just be the easy ride on and carry type flow. IMO of course

  • marty mcfly

    If you mean mailed in as in he recorded them in a different location then Kendrick did? That happens all the time in hip hop. Nobody really vibes out in the lab no more like that for features.

  • marty mcfly

    Oh and btw, im not really feeling this verse from Jay either cause this song just dont fit him as an artist but I just wanted to know what you meant.

  • lmao

    “And before this bullshit even starts, if you think Kendrick had a better verse then Jay “….lmao marty defended jay even before the haters got a chance to hate lmaooo jay z owes this guy some money!

  • QZA

    2DBZ should actually owe Marty some money, he spends more time on this site then Shake and Meka. No shots at them but this guy should just start his own blog so NO ONE can visit it.

  • I fuck with Marty lol.. He goes hard for Hov, but hell nah, you can tell that he genuinely wrote the track for Kendrick, his flow is too on top of the beat, in addition to his cadence as Marty mentioned.. And everything Hov has been on has been hot since BP3.. True story.. But aside from that, Kendrick probably ripped Hov in the first verse.. I can’t make a full assessment as of now because Hov is trickier lyrically, so there’s bound to be some gems..

  • If Marty had a blog, mad niggas would visit because he always keeps it real.. It just so happens that most rap fans are retarded as fuck, so you guys can’t understand nor refute him whenever he makes legitimate points, I’ve noticed.. You guys just call him gay and dismiss him lol.. And if he’s on the site all the time, then he’s obviously passionate about the music.. Why does he get so much hate for that ?

  • malcyvelli

    i agree that hov has been getting carried for a minute, BP3 was a good album but “shiny suit theory” was miles ahead of that entire project lyrically, it makes me wonder now if hov even really wrote the verse, but who knows, this remix is looking beautiful right about now

  • NYdreams

    this song doesnt need to be on the album .. its a remix that doesnt fit the albums story … and if you listened to the song… he talks about the success of GKMC so that wouldnt make any sense at all.. i wish instead of getting jay on the remix to this song… we could get that version with lady gaga (since she killed it anyway) and new verse from just k dot… and i wished jay could of remixed “madd city” because i knew he woulda killed it.. but than again jay is 40+ years old so him being on that song wouldnt feel right… but him talking bout the struggles of marcy would of been crazy….

  • Hov wrote the verse, definitely lol.. It’s just that he was working with Jay Electronica, and he runs the risk of getting ripped.. But he seriously did drop one of the best guest verses of his career.. I guess it’s just how he was feeling at the time lol

  • Obi Juan

    You know you made it when Jay Z hops on your song. Salute.

  • Grimzz

    it’s dope

    that is all

  • whocares32

    @ear2ear are you an idiot? Go listen to ‘Mr. Nice Watch’ again…tell me Jay didn’t go INSANE on that track.

  • marty mcfly

    @malcyvelli, Hov wrote that verse on Shiny Suit Theory and I dont know why you so amazed at this point that he got bars after damn near 20 years of doing it. The reason BP3 sounds the way it does is because Jay purposely went after radio on that album which makes sense considering that on American Gangster he only gave the mainstream one song that could be played. The rest of that album was all underground lyrical miracle shit. @NYdreams, Jay aint gotta talk about struggles (even though he still does), cause he’s given you hundreds of those bars already. Jay coulda got on here and talked about how the haters were trying to “kill his vibe” when he performed at Obamas last speech before the election. That would’ve been crazy but then I dont think Kendrick could follow that. @QZA, 2DBZ can keep they money, I just want a post on the weekends where I can just go…. Thats it @Shake, Meka, Justice,? HELLO

  • marty mcfly

    1 post like the “Bring It Back” shit ya’ll used to do but call it like the Delorean Playlist or some shit, call it whatever I dont care. I mean is that asking for too much? Just saying

  • Turtle

    Amidst the bitching, people are overlooking just how absurdly good these verse are. This DOES NOT BELONG ON THE ALBUM.

    However, it would be dope to see this released as the single in place of the album version. It would absolutely crush the radio into pieces and get Kendrick and his album so much shine.

    Kendrick’s second verse got cut off, and the first 20 seconds were absolutely nuts. Can’t wait to hear the last however many seconds.

    Hip Hop is dope right now, don’t forget it folks.

  • Valentine

    Jay-z’s verse on this song was great, and so was Kendrick’s. I don’t get why people like to hate on Hova. He’s among the top five greatest rappers of all time and IS still relevant. Oh and marty mcfly is very intelligent

  • malcyvelli

    @marty i actually didnt mean that ghost writing inference, im pretty sure he wrote that verse but its so out of character because it was THAT good, but i still stand by what i said about him being carried for a while, WTT was the last time he really flexed forreal and that was good and whatnot but for him it was just aight

  • DityRotten

    Alright let’s be honest here, Jay hasn’t ripped a mic consistently throughout an entire LP since the black album. Even on that effort, the radio friendly hooks and lyrics eclipsed any verbal fortitude present throughout. Reasonable doubt, as everyone should be aware, was Jay’s first extensive and intricate lyrical endeavor. However, comparing RD to albums released in the same year, such as It Was Written, which contains a Nas partial to masterful wordplay and diction, as well as Iron Man, exhibiting cuts such as Winter Warz and Assasination Day, the argument can be made that Jay was never meant to be entirely lyrical in comparison to others. Comparatively, he is quite the businessman, and honestly, from the beginning, his ambitions were underpinned by the desire to make money in the industry. I think it is an overstatement to assert that ‘every track jay is on is hot.’ Of course, his longevity is preserved, and status cemented as one of the all time greats, but this title pertains to endurance and monetary success, rather than sheer lyrical bars.

    And for the hell of it:
    3.Kool G Rap

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Thats all opinion when you speaking about being lyrical. One every album that Jayz has and on every single song I think if you going on a bar for bar level you will find that lyricism is present. If I say American Gangster is lyrical and BP3 is also lyrical and you say its not, that doesn’t mean that your view is the defining law of what being lyrical is.

  • marty mcfly

    I’ve asked this question before and i’ll ask one more time and im sure there is an answer for it but I wanna know, what song(s) from Jayz are not lyrical? Since Jay is not a lyrical MC or that lyrical or lacking in rhymes then what songs specifically are you referring to?

  • yadontsay?

    “I fuck with the young boys”


  • F.A.R

    Hova is the GOAT & Kendrick is the best rapper of this Generation in my opinion…

  • Valentine

    ^^^ 100% truth to that!

    and @DityRotten is a complete idiot

  • The Return Of The Strapped Hipster

    Its been a while but I had to comment:

    Jay Z did his thing for real, nice verse going back to the old formula but that second Kendrick verse tho????? Whooooooo0o0o0o0o0o0oyo0o0o0o0o0o0!!!!!!!!!! KENDRICK KILLED IT omfsfosa

    As for Marty, how does Jay Z nutz taste?