• poopoohead

    This is solid...but Intro/In Summation should have just been a full length song with 3 verses! Hottest beat on the tape.

  • QZA

    holy FUCK @poopoohead you were NOT PLAYING

  • QZA

    great production overall though... Torae always comes with outstanding bars so that goes without saying

  • QZA

    does Eric G have any instrumental tapes???? preesh his work on Tor's past work along with his contributions to Skyzoo & Sean P's catalogue as well

  • Chris

    Shout out to my nigga Torae for having a big enough nose to breathe for all of us!!

  • gmurda33

    Eric G - Stars & Lights (good shit)

  • Danjamouf

    Very Very dope tape. Would have been perfect without the uncle Murder track. Respect your grind Torae. Real Hip Hop

  • bleaky

    damn...who used that same sample again as on #5 (ft. skyzoo)??? ...i've got the record somewhere

  • Ed

    The other person that used the same beat fro track 5 is Big Sean the song was crazy

  • Ed

    Sorry I mean for

  • jones

    wtf is this shit? Im looking for K.dot Jay Z preview

  • Diallo

    Track #5 samples Aquarian Dream's "Yesterday (Was So Nice Today)"

  • Diallo

    Not just Big Sean, but also D'Nell famously sampled it for "This Thing." If you've never heard it, you owe it yourself. It's a song a lot of us have heard and forgotten.