And Finally, Consequence Speaks On The Fight w/ Joe Budden…

blame it on Illy March 14, 2013

And it continues. After Tahiry spoke to Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club and Hot 97’s Ebro earlier today about the Joe Budden and Consequence Love and Hip Hop reunion show fight, Consequence finally speaks out on the incident phoning into Hot 97’s Angie Martinez to detail what exactly happened (according to him). Cons revealed that he was still upset at Joe (even long after the Hot 97 confrontation) after an interview Joe Budden recently had with ThisIs50’s Jack Thriller. Cons also spoke on the second fight during the Love and Hip Hop reunion show taping and what he told the police. Hear the 23-minute phone call below.

  • doug

    cons that nigga, same ol nigga, ain’t shit changed, named getting bigger

  • Dock:Ness

    This shit getting outta hand! Remember Joe Budden vs Ransom??? This is going in the same direction. You boys rap right? Well fuckin’ rap then!!!!

  • Juicy-G

    I just wasted 22 minutes of my life. Consequence is very immature and his pride holds absolutely no significance. Grow up and work on your music game. Fuck love and Hip-Hop. Where is the love for Hip-Hop? Cause this is silly.

  • I can’t listen to Bugs Bunny anymore

  • fatlip nigga

    “and make me consume that him imitating…”
    first Ferg called Rocky a carnivore and now DSL consuming shit? these rappers sure have a way with words.
    Cons gotta chill with wanting to get talked to again. looked like Joey’s son the first time.

  • BKLYN Kid

    This nigga Cons is a clown yo. LOL … “Shout out Queens!!” Shut the fuck up nigga… nobody gives a shit about where you from. Son been looking crazy out in the streets for a minute now too. Can’t stand loud mouth ass niggas…


    this whole shit including the stupid ass show is wack

  • Dolo808

    another post of consequence rambling…

  • DK

    “I was so mad I broke the phone I just threw it broke it rawrr!” lmao I’m dead

  • Correction, I slept with Katie too…..

    Hahahahahahaha. This Nigga pulled a ‘Ray-J’!

  • damn

    niggas that talk a lot bullshit in everything they say. they cant help it, their mouth works faster then their brain does. Budden takes the L for letting this beef continue with this retarded ass nigga too. smh. everybody involved with this shit loses especially the audience. I’m losing big time.

  • adolfmayne

    The thing to do right now is hate on cons and tbh im a bigger joe fan but joey is obviously losing his story didnt add up with that footage

  • Rock

    I”m not even in the industry and this dude is embarrassing. I can’t IMAGINE how clownish industry people think this dude is. Haha Dude STILL trying to get by on the fact that he appeared a wrote a bunch on the worst ATCQ album and I say it was the worst, most likely because he was on it. *I don’t even count the Love Movement as a ATCQ album.

  • marty mcfly

    Cons – “The number one thing is I dont run from nobody, why would I smack somebody and run but then stay there to get jumped”?… “I never ran from nothing so lets get that clear”. LOL I had that same thought when I heard that lie from Joe. Cons – “I got to the reunion late and the first person I see is Joe smoking like a basehead”… This shit is funny man. That is all

  • alex

    cons is lying wtf?

  • Turtle

    What do you mean “finally?” No one gives a shit about either of these doods.

  • Ear2ear

    The thing is Consequence is probably telling the truth, as his story makes sense, but public opinion is so against him and he’s been living such a circus recently that he comes off foolish. So no one wants to give him the benefit of the doubt. What sucks most is this guy actually can spit but his rep and persona are so shaky that its hard to bump his music and take him seriously.

  • Shotgun Charlie

    Cons is trying so DAMN HAAAAARD to be cool and tough.

  • henny

    Cons wasted all that time saying nothing…

  • lohead

    niggas smackin Cons coofie off

  • South By Suck Deez Nuts Ya Bish

    Yall know this is just promo for his mixtape that dropped today?(lolz at 2DBZ not posting it yet)..Well Buddens is also really good at baiting rap niggas too so really it’s two bitch ass niggas going at it…

  • Slaughterhouse

    So… By listening to this, some of y’all can’t tell he’s lying his ass off? lmaoooooo.

    ‘They say that real recognize real, we can spot fake too…’

  • 2

    these 2 need to settle this in the octagon

  • Ryan.T.

    Cons admits he hit Tahiry, but says she had to step up for Budden?
    He also says I never called the police, but Jen the pen is yelling that she’s gonna call the police throughout the video?

  • Shrugs

    I would never waste my time listening to a Consequence interview, let alone his music. He is not good AT ALL. Sidenote tho: His bitch could use a nice closed fist punch to the jaw. Can’t stand that bitch. She lacks discipline.

  • d-bo

    @ Ryan.T.

    “Cons admits he hit Tahiry, but says she had to step up for Budden?
    He also says I never called the police, but Jen the pen is yelling that she’s gonna call the police throughout the video?”

    No he didn’t. He said Tahiry snuffed him. Where you get that from? I find this shit entertaining. If they did actually shoot a fair one I think Cons would knock Joe the fuck out, and I like Joe as an artist.

  • kandi

    Stfu con

  • Con look gay to me ,sellin out for a white whores get thee fuck out of here fuck him and jen the nodoby in my nikki voice u a stupid hoe