will.I.Am – #ThatPower f. Justin Bieber

blame it on JES7 March 15, 2013

will.I.Am and Biebs create an untz-untz anthem for all boys and girls that are at their peak of their prepubescence. Look for it to appear on will’s #willpower dropping in April. Guess we’re naming albums with hashtags now…

  • smh

    wouldn’t expect less from a 2dopeboy writer to diss the people they’re posting. like the servant talking under his breath while holding his King’s cup. come on guys. just post your shit and stop acting like you’re higher than anybody in prepubescence. or anybody for that matter.

  • >>>>>> Your Life

    Just remember! Justin Bieber is shitting on all of you faggots

    Thats all good bye!

  • malcyvelli

    @smh shut the fuck up and go blast this in your prius

  • smh

    what the fuck is a prius

  • Truth

    So you’re going to post music you hate, purely for the views from people googling “Bieber”? Sounds about right. 2selloutz #nobodycares

  • T9FTW

    I miss old

  • why is this shit posted on 2dopeboyz??? didnt even listen automatic NOPE