• http://ahahahahaha DredScott

    man, they need to release a remastered 20th anniversary edition of this lp. this is one of my fav. albums ever but shit needs to be mixed a little better and a little louder along with dah shinin'.

  • DredScott

    man listen, i used to come from that same train of thought that it "makes the album grimy and is part of why the shit is dope" but i'm past that. I just want the whole album to be listenable rather than have to turn the volume way up when i switch from another album to that one. there's nothing worse than having an album with horrible volume and sound especially in 2013. i'm done with low quality shit, there's no excuse given our modern technology to have a CD sound as bad as a cassette. remaster that shit dru ha, sell it and make some extra dough. i'll cop.


    Absolutely legendary! One of the best hip-hop albums to ever be released.

  • Bolaji

    I agree with that sound quality issue! I hope they remastered that joint seriously!