• lame

    hit boy seems like a lame...no star quality

  • WickyWoss

    hit boy the next coming if rakim!!!!!! Hs87 the next G.O.O.D.!!!!!!!!!
    :D $$$$$$$$ #greatestever #wakeweezy #wiggersinparis

  • godcypherdivine

    this guy feeling himself way too hard way too early...plus he shouldn't be rapping

  • Actually Kanye West

    3rd comment too true.

  • subject_90

    Went to Colton High with these guys well... its crazy seeing there growth I got respect for Hit but most his productions are for the pop charts. One day imma be on this website repping that real I.E. hip hop! Just watch!

  • BobbyWhite

    3rd comment way too true... Jay and ye got his ego too big. He has amazing beats, but needs to cool it forcing all this shit

  • http://insite.bandcamp.com/ in_site

    like hit boy but his crew is not that dope with da rhymes