Saturday Night Sexy: Ashley Sky

blame it on Illy March 16, 2013

Twitter: @TheAshleySky/Instagram: ashleysky

Swimwear/fashion model Ashley Sky brings the sexiness on a Saturday night. Hit the jump for more of the petite beauty or hit her Instagram if you need more Sky.

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  • Adi pre

    Too skinny.

  • DatGuy

    She sexy as fuck.. Just too skinny.

  • mineisbigger

    skinny ones are deep

  • Calicoflo

    i love me a flat ass, said no one ever

  • dominatrix

    id suck a fart outta her, shit particles and all..ahhh thats the way to go hoss

  • she gotta ask tho

    would let her suck my dick. maybe more if I was bored

    • Twinsking

      To quote Dennis Peck in Internal Affairs “A little skinny for my taste, but they say the skinny ones give good head.” I’d murder throat

  • Frank Ocean

    Ew hell no! damn right im hating! weres the male models

    This website is homophobic

  • treee

    Viva la white girl

  • JHP

    Every man on here that doesn’t says he doesn’t find her sexy is either lying or gay, and they all know they’d have sex with her if she threw the pussy at them. I’m sure half of y’all couldn’t pull a girl half as bad as that anyway. A girl doesn’t have to be thick AF to be sexy

  • who cares

    I never saw the appeal of her. Don’t get me wrong she isn’t ugly, it just looks like she hates her life in every picture she takes.

  • datdude

    she skinny as fuk breh…..i’d beat tho

  • Geezy

    Ya’ll picky niggaz can complain all ya’ll want, I’ll take this skinny bitch here in a heartbeat. Not only are they flexible as fuck, but skinny hoes can take dick all goddamn night.

  • petite brunettes ALL DAY…
    damn, my white girl phase aint gonna slow down any time soon..

  • JR

    total tony

  • What Greezy said

  • Mr. Hip-Hop

    pretty face

  • Ignorant G

    As soon as I saw that ass, I knew Shake posted this shit

  • These niggas thats hating Ashley Sky is questionable as hell lol. So you say she too skinny? But I bet those same niggas would be on Halle Berry, Kerry Washington or something like that. Ashley Sky look good. Stop actin like they posted up Kristen Stewart or some shit lol.

  • hucci

    i wanna tickle her butthole

  • NYCityREP

    Sexy as fuck

  • Lord Paus

    jizzed everwhere!

  • LxrdeAndrxw

    She is very beautiful..

  • DC

    Needs to eat more hamburgers

  • NiggggerLyncher

    You coons/niggers can have you fat & gross assed bitches. This is a real woman

  • LupeX

    There’s women you just fuck and women that r wifey material, that u wanna have on your arm when making power moves. This is the latter! ThnX for the diversity, wont b my top pick to dick down! But Id wife her up!

  • ………….yea. She can get it.

  • midwestbeast

    damn straight she wifey material. seems like every1 on here want them fat bitches

  • Aye

    wifey material. could gain a lil weight but amazing non the less

  • JD

    I would love to worship her and be her slave!! if only…

  • RoshaneRonan

    Beautiful. She’s fine just the way she is.

  • muk

    first decent bird on here

  • tony parker

    lol at people saying she’s too skinny. She’s fit. Not “too skinny.” Most those women who are thick, which I equally enjoy, check back in on them when they’re older and that booty and those titties are sagging all over. Gross. I’ll take a fit girl, who takes care of her body, over anything else whether they have a big ass or not. peace

  • STK


    One of the best of SNS

  • she doesn’t have the “thickness” or “phat ass” that I usually prefer BUT somethin about her just screams “fuck me”. Shorty is sexy as hell…WORD UP!!! I can’t even fix my mouth to say anything bad about this one. She’s what’s up!!!

  • T-Dubb (AKA Royal T)

    i would beat the brakes off this bony bitch.

  • Sexy Girl

  • Geroy

    This chick looks like she doesn’t fuck with black folk.
    Not a rap video girl like the other ones.