2 Chainz – Crack (Video)

blame it on the intern March 17, 2013

2 Chainz tells us he got “Crack” in his latest visual off of his debut album Based on a T.R.U. Story.

  • silence

    Does not work clean…

  • Quickstrike

    When is Cyhi going to have an official single tho?

  • yuptrue

    most ingnant bullshit ever….hiphop is dead, we’re the reason it died.

  • bbs

    “When is Cyhi going to have an official single tho”
    lmfao ….

  • meloszzzzz

    he gets paid to spew this crap……think about it

  • Aye

    this is weak. and how old is 2 chainz lol

  • 2

    i got.. i got… WHAT???

  • Blessed Ed

    2chainz you cant be glorifying drugs like that man come on!

  • beastman318

    So he can say “Crinack” but cant say “Crack?” lmao WOW. I hate clean versions. They are useless. Little kids know what the real words are anyways. Kill censorship plz!

  • mez

    When are people going to understand this music is FUN. Yeah, he’s not very talented, but its fun to ride around blastin this shit with friends.
    Also you’d be stupid not to be a shitty artist if you could make millions. The problem lies in people who take this music for more than whay it is and don’t know any better/