Fat Joe – Ballin’ f. Wiz Khalifa & Teyana Taylor

blame it on Illy March 18, 2013

Fat Joe taps the Taylor Gang daddy and Ms. Taylor for his latest single. Take a listen below and hit iTunes for a download.

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  • Zak

    this man needs to drop some project or something…tired of all the unattached singles.

  • BayArea415

    “Ballin” ..seriously, Joey? You’re about 3 years to late with this one. Man it’s almost as if my dad put out this track, its that cringe worthy.

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    ^ Honestly you could apply that same logic to 99% of rappers out, some of which have based their entire career and success on content-devoid braggadocious lyrics.

    It has always been a part of Rap, however, some rappers will drop the occasional line/song, while some say the same shit on every track.

  • Lance

    Beat sounds like a recycled, stripped down version of Nas’ “Hero”.

    Weak sauce.

  • nyc22

    ^^ I think it may be the same loop from Hero.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    UNGHHHHHHH DOPE!!! WHEEW! Fat Joe is timeless man I swear!

  • BayArea415


    Thanks for the Rap 101 course….

    My point is still valid.

  • qwr

    are you mad at the sampling or are you just a stan mad the sampling of nas?

  • Vincent Van Gogh

    Incredible artwork.

  • Flip

    Fat Joe= #Morehitsthanyourfavoriterapper

  • Does anyone actually care what Fat Joe does anymore?
    Dude fell way off

  • PoetsAnonymous

    This ain’t that bad. Ya’ll need to smoke some more hash and understand what you should expect from them now