Kendrick Lamar – Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe (rmx) f. Jay-Z

blame it on Illy March 18, 2013

Splash gives us one we’ve been waiting for since we heard Young Guru debut it at SXSW this past week. With two new verses from Kendrick and a guest spot from Hov, the Compton kid delivers the official remix to the Sounwave-produced favorite off good kid, m.A.A.d city. Take a listen below and check K. Dot’s thoughts on the song here. UPDATE: Explicit/CDQ added. Mixed by Ali.

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  • cotdamn

    first, bitches.
    I bet this shit will be a trend ass topic on twitter just cause it’s jigga

  • HipHopPolice

    whats so special about a jay z verse

  • Juanka

    lol at “trick”, never heard this censored

  • thatrealshit

    pshhh this shit aint even fair. tryna hear the unedited, kendrick snapped on that last verse

  • Truth Be Told

    Pusha >>>>>>>>> Kendrick

    • Trill trippa

      Smokin that crack huh…. K dot shittin on all these rap niggas right now. Who u kno can keep up wit Jay?

  • Untuchd_Reno

    I’d love to hear another colab with these two.

  • qwerty

    Really, I just went “meh” and shrugged after his verse, not bad but nothing special at all. Also lol at “Trick don’t kill my vibe”

  • Turtle

    Kendrick’s last verse is absurd. I can’t wait to hear the unedited version of this track.

    Who else woulda loved to hear Gaga sing the chorus on the remix. Woulda been hella tight and a total coup.

  • Ayyy

    He spazzed on that last verse, dope shit!

  • beyenesausage

    anybody hear that Andre 3000 blip “its excellent”

  • all of you are fucking hype he sounds like a damn robot. This is what you guys cal hot? Get the fuck outta here

  • DabSoul

    Yeah…Kendrick gassed on that last verse my dudes…u cant deny that. #NoStanTho #IJustListen

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Come on now! I’m a Kendrick fan but Kendrick is neither Kobe or MJ and he damn sure ain’t LeBron of the rap game either!! Stop gassing up unwarranted hype. Hasn’t accomplished much yet for all this dickriding!!! Geeeesh!

  • kendricksoverrated

    LMAO @ pic of MJ and Kobe! What a fuckin joke.

  • Original is better.

  • malcyvelli

    I like kendrick, I like kendrick alot, but yea, I wouldnt go and get gassed up on him, I loved GKMC but i can say its a bit hyped up very comfortably, but this remix was dope, HOVs verse was very dope and the 3rd verse was dopest #nuffsaid

  • MusicHead

    If this was a Jay-Z record … Jay-Z’s his ass IS BODIED & Nas is Jordan & Kendrick is Kobe.

    Kendrick is the best rapper alive, end of discussion. There’s isn’t no riding the proof is in the pudding.

    • Jon Doe

      Fuccouutahea my g….you have to be youngin’ to say Kendrick is the best alive stop it.

  • malcyvelli

    p.s. LOL @ ” Trick don’t kill my vibe”

  • woo

    GOAT!! Fuck any haters.

  • jrt123

    Or maybe that photo goes with the song because it’s a rapper who is rapping with one of his major idols. I swear you haters never quit.

  • Leuitrim Rexhaj

    Kendrick’s 2nd verse was incredible, he snapped at the end. Jay had a stylish ass verse, didnt say too much, but def did it justice. He didnt just mail it in, he adapted his cadence to the beat and to the original song’s rhyme structure, which was cool. Overall a great remix and kendrick keeps on getting his shine. Now all he has to do is work with kanye….

  • Killaaa

    fuck that last verse is so clean. lol at whoever keeps commenting “pusha >> kendrick” on kendrick entrees , get a life

  • lp

    Kendrick is dope… But with all this hype he’s got over the past few months, I think it might ruin him. I don’t think he can live up to it all. The flow on this track is on point but if you really listen to his lyrics it ain’t much.

  • do

    Kendrick claimed his throne

  • PaulLakers

    I’m guessing Hov is Jordan and Kendrick is The Black Mamba

  • jeebus

    that 3rd verse is not of this world

  • Quickstrike

    Last verse literally gave me chills. Someone clear up the Trinidad reference. Oh yea… You don’t gotta like Kendrick your favorite rapper does. Stealing a line from Cole “When you’re this high everyone’s a critic but when you’re this high everyone’s a midget”.

  • whooo

    the trinidad james reference was him saying “trinidad = all gold everything, gkmc went gold in a month so trinidad james in 4 weeks = his album going gold” and people saying kendrick is getting dickriders now which i can agree with to an extent but yall jus arent ever satisfied are you? if a rap game full of monotnous, if you aint got money you aint got shit, materialistic bullshit we finally get a rapper whos not all about that shit and he can extend his music to not only kids in the hood but kids in the burbs too and not just kids can listen but grown men and women can listen to kendrick, and yet yall still find a reason to complain because he doesnt fit with what you want him to be,,you dudes are pure clowns as far as mainstream rap kendrick is like a science experiment proving that songs w/ real messages and lyrics can and will sell..isnt that what you niggas claim you want back in hip hop right? stop complaining and let kendrick get his deserved shine and let him continue to prove himself..when he fucks or does an over the top commercial sounding song then you complain..Just stop bitching and enjoy the breath of fresh air in his music for what it is

    • Ted


  • Le oh da p

    aint ready for Jay-z’s flows. Ghetts and Kano would have ripped this tho.

  • @NexxMusik

    Everyone talking about the cover art remember at that time of the picture Kobe didn’t accomplish much….it wasn’t kobe after all his ring with Jordan it was a new kid on the block….

  • muk

    i hate jay z

  • kingg

    damn kendrick killed that last verse. Bitch dont kill my vibe!!

  • super z

    instead of mike n kobe, it shouldve been a pic of a.i. crossin up mike…

  • damn homie

    Hov’s flow was crazy.. Cool how he stepped back a little and let Kendrick shine.. He took advantage and killed that last verse..

  • marty mcfly

    @Musichead, you can just listen to this song and tell that Jay is not trying to shit on Kendrick. That would’ve ruined the vibe of the song and would’ve sonically threw the song off. 2nd This would never be a Jayz record because he does not rap in this cadence so obviously he did it to show support for Kendrick, not to get on this young mans song and just shit on him to prove his lyrical ability. I think Jayz has proven that already. Part of being a dope MC is knowing when not to throw off the vibe of a song by trying to flex some over the top lyricism when its not necessary. Its a Kendrick song, the point is for Kendrick to shine and just compliment THE SONG as the feature not turn it into a battle rap for no reason. I mean the song is called “Dont Kill My Vibe” so its no need to so that. Now imo I dont think there is anything that can be said to top this, Jayz –
    Next to Hilary smellin’ like dank
    Presidental pardon, name one nigga out there harder than him
    I’ll wait, I’ve been in my weight like 20 years straight
    I’ve been on my vibe like 20 years straight… That 20 years of being lyrical right there.

    Now you and some other people talking about Kendrick is the best rapper alive LOL and how he bodied Jay but if thats the case then that would be great because from the perspective of Jayz (and Nas since you mentioned him), they dont have to shit on a young kid after consistently carrying the culture for 20 years. That would be ridiculous. You dont reach the top after a very long career and then turn around and shit on the guy who just walked in the door. You talking about best rapper alive? Get back to me after Kendrick been around 10 to 20 years and been the “hottest MC” for the majority of those years and see if your claim makes sense then.

  • nc0310

    Kendrick just distanced himself from all other rappers in the game with that last verse

  • Killaaa

    omg you jigga stans gotta cry every time some ones verse is arguably better than his. and they all say the same shit “man jay z wasnt even trying that time.”

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ NO, what I was saying is if someone has a better verse then Jayz (which I dont think happened here and doesn’t even happen much because Jay is not doing features all the time anyway), then what difference does that make to Jayz? Or anybody in the top 5 of all fucking time? You talking about some cool bars? FOH, this nigga been leading the culture for more then half of Kendricks life and you wanna talk about a hot 16? A couple verses? Again I dont think Kendrick “bodied” anybody but if he did then good cause Jayz is not in the business of trying to prove something by “bodying” Kendrick with one verse, he’s on the song just to give Kendrick the look and to support the song. He aint counting punchlines, metaphors and double entendres to make sure his verse is better then Kendricks. COMEONSON

  • marty mcfly

    Its the same as when Kendrick does a song with Ab Soul, Cole, Game, Drake, Dre, Curren$y or whoever else is clearly there to support Kendrick. What would be the purpose of going into it with the mentality of bodying Kendrick just for the sake of saying you gotta better verse? Its makes more sense to focus on making sure the song is dope then it does to focus on trying to out rap Kendrick.

  • 91&^UP^

    When did Kendrick & Curren$y do a jernt?

    • JohnnyTarr

      They were both on Push Thru with Talib

  • F.A.

    Jay be fuckin’ around with verses now days. I want Jay in his Hov state of mind.

  • Slaughterhouse

    Yep. Jay got washed. Who cares though? It doesn’t mean Jay is trash. Relax Stans.


    All jokes aside marty mcfly is correct indeed. Why can’t people appreciate the music anymore? why you gota judge? if you ain’t feelin it take control and make your own song for other people to judge.. oh wait.. ha ha..

  • marty mcfly

    @91&UP, Talib Kweli has a single called Push Thru featuring Kendrick and Curren$y and on that song as well, the purpose is to make a good song. Its not a song based on being lyrical like the Cypher joint from Hit Boy featuring a bunch of different people just throwing out random bars. There is a time an place for battling for best verse and not ever song is bout that.

  • marty mcfly


  • SforMusic

    Jay Z aint in a situation to prove anything to anyone so saying Kendrick bodied him in Kendrick’s song is dumb, almost every rapper wants to be Jay Z and dat is an untold truth .
    Another thing I realised is that when an artist get mainstream, it sometimes not them that dumb down their songs but it is also the fans who devalue the artist by overrating them and putting them on a pedestal they don’t deserve yet . As a Kendrick fan, Kendrick is the best rapper out right now and has been for a mere 2 years, he needs 10years or more to be relevant and make really good music during that time before he is in the same spot as Jay or at least spoken in the same list as Jay.

  • Skitzmcgurk

    Y’all niggas kill me. It was a fucking dope song. Kendrick is that nigga right now. Period. BUT jay-z is in God mode in this rap shit. Whenever he hops on anything it’s literally to give them more spins and shines. He hopped on, blessed it and dipped. Kendrick did the right thing and blasted through that last verse but c’mon guys. 1 verse vs a career of hot albums? Not saying Kendrick is over hyped but the picture above is pretty accurate unless you know another new cat blazing the
    way… And if you say drake I hope they boo you off the site.

  • Frost

    like the original better…

    killed that last verse, tho

  • chu the conqueror

    WHAT HE SAID ^^^

  • MusicHead

    @marty mcfly I see your logic & I agree but if this song was for just straight lyrical prowness & to flex, & it was Jay-Z the lil homie would def body Jay ..I don’t care if Jay spit his top 5 verses, Kendrick would still body ya man’s b. As of right now only people wouldn’t body is Andre 3000 & Eminem & maybe old Lupe before he got all political in his music . Sorry bruh Kendrick just got that heat rock they spittin but they ain’t spittin Kendrick got the flu, he need relief …in the great words of the legendary classic Lil Wayne… Kendrick got what young Nas had when he 1st came out, he got what young Wayne got when he dropped Carter 2.. Young Kendrick finna put shit on his back.. Homie can write a perfect conceptual feature verse to someone to perfectly match the feel of a song & not ruin it AND STILL BE ABLE TO FLEX & BODY.. Kendrick is the most feared & dangerous on the mic right now.. Having Kendrick on your song comes with a warning to get your shit ate, slaughter whatever he feels. but you still deep down don’t like Kendrick & all the praise he getting’s okay. & Yes the praises & hype is all time high because they were for his debut major label album & not only did he meet the expectations but he surpassed it & now we as people EXPECT nothing but the best & greatness from him, just know when he does or if he does brings us something not up to the standard he made, he will get slandered …perfect example happened to Wayne once everyone finally hear Carter IV once he dropped what all people expected to be great & bullshitted us, people haven’t looked back..imma still ride w/ the OG but others ? Nah they & the usual’s on this blog love to slander Wayne posts. So in this case that’s all I have to say until next time …peace.

  • QBN

    Kendrick is untouchable… this dude really “Started From the Bottom” and now he’s finally made it.. good kid, I’m glad for his success.

  • marty mcfly

    @Musichead, yeah well I just dont have that kinda mentality of “bodying” somebody with a verse. I think in terms of good songs and bad songs not who’s verse is this or that. I think if the song was just about flexing lyrical skills Jay would come through on whatever level you wanna take it to. Whoever has the better verse is not really something im concerned with because I just wanna know if the verse was dope period. Example, Child Rebel Soldier has two songs, Us Placers and Dont Stop, who has the better verse? I dont know and dont care cause its not about that to me, its more about the overall song. I dont view Kendrick has being dangerous or striking fear in anybody hearts lyrically, if you view him as such then thats just your opinion. I dont think Kendrick is a young Nas or a young Wayne, I think Kendrick is a young Kendrick.

  • marty mcfly

    And no I still dont think Kendrick got a better verse(s) then Jayz, I think all the verses just work well for this song. I dont hear what’s supposed to be so mind blowing and awesome about Kendrick verses, I just think they sound good and thats about it.

  • Mike

    Damn. Cover lives up to the song.

  • Miso

    If you want to run with this Kobe/Jordan analogy, then who the fuck is LeBron?

  • marty mcfly

    And personally I still think Jay Rock is the illest out the crew.

  • DatBoyRoy

    And Shyne takes the L on the last verse

  • Chris

    LeBron is Drake in this scenario. He’s complete. He does everything… Rap, sing, make the radio hits and the lyrical shit. Hate all you want but he’s got his first title (the Grammy) and he’s hungry for more.

  • droolboy U


  • marty mcfly

    Now we comparing Kendrick in terms of hip hop to Kobe in terms of the NBA? I mean dont get me wrong, I see what you doing but Kobe? Kendrick is the Kobe Bryant of hip hop now? Yeah OK, instead of making all these claims before his career actually lives up to these comparisons, why dont you just say Kendrick is dope. He aint gotta be Nas or fucking Kobe Bryant.

  • gregory kruxx.

    For everyone who thinks Hova the god Still aint got it…Whoooooooo!!!! Young H O Killed it!!! K.Dot just fucked up all yall new niggahs tooo. hip hop is alive and well!!!!!!!!!

  • gregory kruxx.

    oh and for all you idiots who say jay got washed its always been a rule never to outshine the other dude on their record… a few instances its occurred but not often…n jay killed it anyhow,….retards

  • What. The. Fuck.

    yo this dude kdot absolutely…idk what to say about the last verse.

  • 2dope4nope

    Amen! I wonder how a black hippy woulda sounded like hmm… But can’t oversaturate the niggas tho but this yeaaaah this is an actual remix salute KL for the new verses “doo! doo!” DOPE

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    Jay needs to leave that start-stop-start flow the fuck alone. He did the same shit on Suit and Tie.

  • Kidd

    kendrick wasnt tryna get kanye’d on his remix lol

  • Johnnyfearar

    Martyyyyyyy Mcfly!!!!! Low key you always say the Realist shit. The most constructive, meaningful, poignant, comments are usually made by you on this blog. Teach these youngins truly what hip hop is about and don’t stop. I don’t comment much, but I felt I needed to say that. Big up GOD.
    Jay Z wasn’t trying to Bodied Kendrick on this record, he was showing love to the younger Emcee. He respects his movement. That’s it. Jay does this for every new upcoming Emcee he admires. Especially on their debuts. For Example
    Lupe Fiasco on “Emperors Soundtrack”, Drake “Light Up”
    J cole ” Mr.Nice Watch” (even though its Trash) and Now Kendrick Lamar “Bitch don’t kill my vibe” Remix.
    So yall need to chill with the comparisons. If Jay wants to eat you Up on your track, he will! Don’t Forget, this is Jay Z.

  • MusicHead

    ^^^ this nigga is a Jay-Z dickrider & he actually was featured on “Pressure” on the Food & Liquor CD .. & Jay nice but he WILL GET BODIED BY KENDRICK ..Kendrick will do the same EM did..

  • malcyvelli

    for the last few years jay has been slacking in my eyes but the more i hear it the more i like his verse to the point that im beginning to think he had the best 16 on this, if you break down his and dots 3rd verse bar for bar, jay takes it, kdot just beasted with the flows and delivery but content wise HOV won, niggas that didnt just start listening to rap within the last 3 years know jays track record and what hes capable of so yea, he definitely lets the rookies shine and have their moment, forget the whole “jay got bodied” bullshit, no he didnt, he moved over and showed love, get off kendricks dick and respect the legend

  • ShadyTalez

    kendrick just got that dope style, that revolutionary type ish.

  • I need this !

    where is this downloadable

  • hill

    how about this….good remix/song

  • marty mcfly

    @MusicHead, on top of that Kendrick heard Jayz verse first and then wrote his shit after Jay set the tone for the remix. Now not saying Kendrick aint do his thing but the bar was pretty much set once he got the track back with Jayz vocals already there for comparison. Of course Jay would know before hand that Kendrick would have the advantage here. Now you talk about Em and Lupe getting the best of Jay on those other songs. My point is if they did have better verses why is that a bad thing or a big deal? I think when people say Em had a better verse on Renegade then he does, that he probably says good cause that means the song must have been crazy. There were 12 other songs on that album, so the one verse from Em that people speak so highly of turned out to be worth whatever it cost Jay to have it on the album. Jay has about 35 verses on that album so when people say Em has a better verse on one song my reply is does it matter? NO. As for Lupe, Jay has said Lupe is one of, if not the best writer of this generation of hip hop so if he had a better verse then thats also a good thing. He’s too ahead of the game to worry about who’s verses you think is better and thats the main point in this case. The nigga makes classic albumS… Fuck a verse here and there but its not like he didnt bless this song. He got the remix BEFORE Kendrick wrote his verses and still decided to go forward with it. Jay dont need to put another verse on this song like the one from No Church, you know he’s nice already so its better to just keep the vibe of the overall song dope.

  • marty mcfly

    Now if Jayz is Jordan then whoever you think is Kobe probably dont fit the role that well either. You just look at whoever is poppin now and disregard the people who have been putting out music for years because the new seems to be more popular as in right now. I have a good idea who Kobe would be if Jay is Jordan and im sorry its not Kendrick. Its not Nas (Nas was out a year before Jay) and its not Drake either but anybody who think Drake dont fit in that Lebron position, I think you better look again and add up everything Drake has put up since he stepped in the game.

  • smh

    @marty Lol everything said on this section I anticipated, people were going to say kendrick bodied jay, (which I agree with), and marty was going to argue with everyone who said that and say he didn’t have to body it lol (which is true)…my whole thing is yes kendrick got jay on this, your asking does it matter..what does that really mean? Of course its not a big deal, fans are just being fans and saying who had the best verse cuz there excited (like they done since hip hop began)..why is it a problem when someone claims such and such had a better verse? Hip hop is about compeition..this is why people want to call you a dickrider lol because its unnessacary to make these points your making, let fans be I think kendrick got jay? Yes, does it matter? It depends on what terms your talking..jay z is still one of the greats but give credit where its don’t know what jays actual intensions were when he recorded this so leave it alone or else you sound like your dickriding..if you think jay had a better verse, fine with me but why is it a problem when people say otherwise?

  • smh

    It would make sense jay z not care to try an “body” kendrick on this track…but its very possibly he did try an body kendrick and got bodied…you don’t know what he was thinking when he layed that down…just cuz its sounds like he jus wanted to go light doesn’t mean he didn’t try to go hard..and just because people are saying kendrick got jay on this doesn’t mean there saying anything more than that, there just judging this song…every other verse spat by those 2 are irrelevant in this discussion

  • MusicHead

    @marty mcfly GO LOOK UP !! ^^^^^ someone just SCHOOLED YO ASS TWICE. & Nas is Jordan & Wayne is Kobe (only Kobe has never fell off & won’t lol) so might have to give Kendrick the Kobe claim for now.

  • marty mcfly

    @smh, well your missing that what im saying is my opinion is that if Kendrick has a better verse then Jay, Im saying GOOD, Thats what your not understanding and even though I dont think anyone got bodied I still think its ok if people say Kendrick has a better verse, Jay or anybody with some sense would say GOOD cause thats means the song must be dope. People use the “Jay got bodied” approach as if Jay or his fans are in competition with new comers especially those who’ve earned the right to get on the song. Again if Kendrick has a better verse then thats A GOOD THING!!! People who feel like Jay is the best dont just go outta there here to hate on Kendrick or act like its a big deal over one verse. So in essence I am not arguing or defending against that point of view, I am saying if Kendrick has a better verse. THEN GOOD. My latter point is that not everybody views a song in terms of who has the better verse and judging by Jays intelligence I highly doubt he is concerned about bodying Kendrick, he probably is happy for Kendrick success. One verse makes no difference to some people.

  • marty mcfly

    At no point did I say if Kendrick has the better verse that its a “problem”, even though I dont agree. You and others said Kendrick has a better verse, I said well then good. So how is that dickriding? Just because I go further and say well not every song is intended to be about a best verse competition that in no way means I think Kendrick having whatever kind of verse is a “problem”.

  • smh

    @Marty, you didn’t say it was a “problem”, you’re making it seem like its a “problem” by jumping down everybodys throat who says kendrick got’em, you’relater point is not a good one because you’re not just saying not everybody veiws a song by who had the better verse,nobody said that wasn’t the case, this section just proves MOST hip hop fans view songs in terms of who had the better verse. That doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the music, so its irrelevant to tell somebody to just enjoy the music because they are..they’re also enjoying the SPORT which hip hop is, and sports are competitive.hiw many people “just enjoy” basketball games with out deciding who’s team played the better game? Or which player had the best game? Oh ok…what’s dickriding is yougoing further to say that when most people know that…maybe they feel like this IS one of those songs to flex your lyricism, just cuz its a layed back beat doesn’t mean its not, an just because jay is jay doesn’t mean he doesn’t try an body new comers, exactly what you said he doesn’t have to do is what he did on j.coles mr nice watch, jsut because he didn’t do it here doesn’t mean he didn’t try, an if you don’t agree with that..THAT’S what I call dickriding

  • marty mcfly

    Lastly the bulk of what im saying was directed at MusicHead but if you wanna jump up in his defense thats cool. The larger point was about more then just this song, its about the overall musicality of songs with features. The larger context of what im saying is it really doesn’t matter who has the best verse if the verse you did compliments the song at the end of the day.

  • Grimzz

    Dope verses…fit the song…no complaints…

    Dunno why every song gotta be about boding the other rapper…this clearly isn’t the type of song to do that on…fall back yall

  • marty mcfly

    At no point did I say kendrick having or better verse is a “problem” or that people should just “enjoy the music”, so if your gonna try and argue with what I said or you think I said or meant then be exact about it.

  • smh

    Ok well what im saying is you’re the minorty jumping down everybodys throat whos comparing there versus making a point they probably know, but just don’t aggree with when it comes to this particular song..that’s arrogant

  • smh

    It doesn’t have to “matter” who had the best verse for you to say who had the best verse…your saying matter as if there making it a big deal, no YOU’RE making it a big deal…they’re are just doing what hip hop fans do, and what you even do unconsciously when you hear a song….saying who had the best verse is not a big deal…jayzs verse. “Fitting” perfectly is fine, but someone saying kendrick had a better verse is only a big deal to a dickrider…why do you have to tell me about what features are about when I say who has th better verse..I know what features are mainly about, that doesn’t change how I may feel about the particular tracks versus…and why I can’t I express how I feel about those versus with out somebody telling me I don’t have to do that? I know I don’t have to do that, I want to do that

  • smh

    So let me and everybody else do that…if this song featured j.cole, you would not be making these claims, you probably would say his verse was trash lol but because its jay, you make the typical…he doesn’t have to go hard arguement

  • smh

    So if you can’t understand why you’re being called a dickrider…its kind of like the conept on how crazy people never know they’re crazy

  • marty mcfly

    OK, well again I wasn’t jumping down everybody’s throat, most of my comments I was talking to MusicHead and the ones that weren’t were basically saying that if Kendrick has a better verse thats cool cause maybe Jay didnt look at this remix as a chance to shit on Kendrick, maybe he was showing support for the new kid. Now your saying what im unconsciously thinking about this song? Yeah Ok, and again, you basing your argument about how you THINK I feel after you say Kendrick has a better verse and then I say ok then thats a good thing. You’ve made alot of statements that I could counter that would make you sound even more idiotic and overly emotional about what you THINK I meant about my comments but hey, you can continue….


    Kendrick was wrong for this one, he got all the jay z stans shook UP.

    Recent Studies have shown us that Dick Sucking has increased 20% from last year for the jay z hardcore fanatics.

    You know yur in love when you deny that another rapper “Bodied” yur favorite rapper….at this point, its not “hes my favorite rapper”….its more like “hes the reason why i wake every morning.”

  • smh

    @marty, I didn’t say what you unconsciously think about this song, I meant songs in general, its human to compare the likes of 2 competitiors…I said kendrick had a better verse to me, and if you don’t think so that’s fine with me, so that point was irrelevant..I doubt you could counter any statement I made and make me souund idiotic,maybe make yourself look arrogant and idiotic, that’s probably jus your way of of making it seem like you have a point and following it by telling me you’re not going to do itlol and just let me continue, you’re predictable kid….ironic you said im going to sound over emotional, that’s what you’re known for in the comment section, that’s why you reply to everybody the way you [email protected], lmao that made me laugh out loud

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ OK well after telling me what you think is irrelevant, and what I feel about this song and so fourth I guess now you’ve made some really good points and you sure told me. Well good for you smh, the knowledge you have shared with us all is that of hip hop genius. LOL thanks

  • smh

    ^^ dont mention it


    @smh #salute, yur point is well understood by anyone with common sense bruh

    LoL @ the troll that tried to flip that one back on you – the effort on here is heartbreaking :(

    Rumor has it if you comment every post on 2dopeboyz for the next five yrs and you’ll get a position at rocnation, cuz thats the only thing that would make someone comment everyday on here

    please take your talents to the worldstarhiphop c section bruh, yur much needed over there too

  • marty mcfly

    Ok THE DOPE HIPSTER, LOL what was his point since its so common sense and what about it is does anything to challenge anything i’ve said? FOH cause you faggots aint said shit about anything.

  • marty mcfly

    You simply make the lightest points possible about things I didnt say because you gotta assume some shit so you can guess at what I meant to even comment. Then you vent about how you feel about my comments because you probably been reading through them religiously like its hip hop scripture. Then you wanna make some assumptive and basic ass simple minded rant and make it out to be something so thoughtful and because I feel its not even worth any real debate (cause its too simple to go anywhere), you wanna act like you really saying something? FOH fags, Thee end

  • marty mcfly

    And if your implying that based on my consistent input about hip hop culture that a position at Rocnation is considerable? Well thank you and i’ll keep that in mind.

  • smh

    @marty, lol did the people agreeing with me hurt your ego so bad it provoked you to continue the arguement? Predictable, if you feel my points are “light” that’s fine with me, I don’t care about that, just speaking the truth, and peo9le with sense are agreeing with me….if my rants are “basic” and “simple minded” what does it say about you for having long debates with me? You told me you were going to let me continue as if you were finished, then I stopped, and you continued because you pobably felt crushed lol and the people agreeing with me added to your frustration, ironic you call me emotional lol

  • smh

    Its common sense that hip hop fans are going to compare artist, just like nba fans compare players, you said you weren’t making the “just enjoy the music” point, were making the “features are suppose to compliment the song, not body the rappers song” from what I understand..that point is irrelevant because every body knows that..that doesn’t mean you can’t still compare versus and share your opinions about it..their wouldn’t be a comment section if that wasn’t meant to be, THAT’S comment sense, your just being a dickrider, that’s also common sense lol

  • wow

    When somebody says “the end” after a long rant..and then continues ranting afte r20+ minutes when nobody replied yet, not only are you a loser, but you’re most likely a loser that got their feelings hurt

  • marty mcfly

    What? You wanna talk about ego, my argument (which clearly aint much to argue), other peoples opinion, long debates I didnt even have with you, how you think I felt about this and that? Bitch you aint saying shit and yes the shit you do say is very basic. You aint said shit the whole time and the shit you did say aint even something I voiced any disagreement with other then your assumptive nonsense based on your own perceptions. Yes you may think im trippin for even replying to your foolishness but all things must come to an end and yeah your statements and logic is absolutely basic and simple minded so when you act is if your opinion is the truth it comes across as even more simple minded then your other bullshit. You talk about emotional when Im chilling just laughing about it but anyway like I said all things must come to an end and im bout to kick back now but really next time shut or really express something of an intelligent nature next time you speak to me.

  • marty mcfly

    @wow, whats a “long rant” to you is simply takes a few seconds to say fool. Its not hard smh.

  • marty mcfly

    And btw using my point of view as part of your argument and then saying its irrelevant because its already known after you say something that does nothing to make it irrelevant proves nothing. Yes that is a light point, it hardly says anything it just wastes alot of words to make worthless points. I never said you couldn’t share your opinion in a comment section so again figure out what the fuck you saying and then judge whether or not its even worth saying or does it just come off as bitching about shit that was never even an argument to begin with.

  • marty mcfly

    And three times now you have countered your own argument and you’ve also added on to my own point of view with your own opinion so yeah earlier I said just continue… cause I dont even have to debate the shit you say, part of your own statements already do it for me.

  • smh

    But you are debating the shit I say, which means you’re countering your own arguement, the very thing you’re trying to prove im doing lol…I know you didn’t say I can’t share my thoughts or anybody else’s you just implied this whole feed that everybody shouldn’t share their thoughts because because of how you feel about how a song should be judged, arrogance…I don’t have to do anything to prove what you said was ireelevant, in fact I bairly elaborated and people already knew what I was talking about…but even with out trying your point was proven to be irrelevant because your on a comment section telling a bunch of people they should look at a song the way you look at it lol..when there is one person on a track, you judge different things about the song, when theirs a feature, people judge those same things as well as the 2 or what ever number of versus to each other because hip hop is competitive and at the end of the day you’re going to give props to who you think is the best


    lmaoooo this troll has typed a novel worth of comments on this site, lets at least applaud this nigga for the effort. Congrats, troll – you made it

    A bruised ego is a lose lose situation fam, clicking refresh on this page isn’t going to make yur day better either, cuz ill continue to serve you that fresh ether for breakfast that you keep asking for

  • marty mcfly

    Almost that whole comment you just left is ridiculous. I am not countering my own argument, im reading your own bullshit telling me about things I never made an argument about to begin with. Again you idiot, you said Kendrick has a better verse. I say ok then good. There is no where to really go from there you dumbass. You keep saying you know what I didnt say so next time if you know that I didnt even say several different things that came outta or own simple brain then dont say I said them in the first place. Its not arrogance when your arguing points that were never made fool. I never said everybody else shouldn’t share their thoughts about the song, YOU did. I implied the opposite of that and said people can feel however they want to feel about the song. The simple notions you think people agree with you on were already stated by Musichead earlier several times in opinions about how Kendrick is the best now and so is little Wayne. Neither of which I really went back in forth with. Again when he said Kendrick had the best verse, my reply was GOOD. He got the hint from there that I wasn’t tripping off that opinion. I simply expressed ANOTHER way of looking at the song without downing anybodies opinion or downing either of the artists on this song. THAT right there implies that there is no right or wrong answer in regards to the verses. Just cause I said I think all the verse are dope but I dont think anybody got “bodied”, dont assume a bunch of other shit about how you think I feel cause your assumptions make you the loser in this. YOU are the only one still crying about it. I did not tell a bunch of people how they should look at the song, I said how I looked at the song. Again you keep saying that whoever has the best verse is how people will judge it. AGAIN for the hundredth time, a response that has been consistent within every comment ive made on this topic. If you feel like Kendrick has a better verse? THEN GOOD, THATS A GOOD THING… stop crying about it bitch

  • marty mcfly

    @THE DOPE HIPSTER, 1st of all you sound retarded cause clearly you feel some type of way over my opinion so you gayly cling to smh’s comments as if he said anything and you just comment to comment but yet say nothing about anything. You think you serving some kinda ether but your simple attacks and amateur logic is beneath that of even a retarded hipster so go listen to the Im Gay album and then sacrifice yourself to Lil B clown.

  • marty mcfly

    In closing JAYZ WROTE HIS VERSE FIRST and set the tone for this remix, Kendrick already heard the verse, saw where the lyrical bar was at and then did his verse. Kendricks own words not mine. So really if you think Kendrick had the better verse then good job on following up what was already put down by Jay before hand.


    The irony is this songs is about niggas like you dickbreathe

    Picture little old me giving a fuck for what a fuck nigga gotta say “Nigga you never be Jay, never be Nas, never be Snoop nor Dre”

    – Kendrick

    Suck one bruh, you deserve it. I brought it back full circle, now refresh this page and leave me a 5 pageparagraph bitch like you usually do.

  • Obi Juan

    I hate that i can’t go through comments so everyone’s feedback without seeing paragraphs by Martty trying to educate niggas. shit gets old. Soes anybody even take time to read them? Cause I don’t.

  • Mike

    I think the song cover is mean to say Jay is what MJ was and is now, and Kendrick is young Kobe heading to the Black Mamba mode.

    All verses were dope, each verse follows up the prior perfectly.

  • Stop it five.

    @marty mcfly , I write weekly columns and still don’t write as much bullshit as you do. Seriously bruh.

  • marty mcfly

    @Obi Juan, thing is this is not even educational. THE DUMB HIPSTER, MusicHead and smh said Kendrick had the best verse, my reply was good then the remix must be good thing. They mad because im not shitting on Kendrick. At no point during this whole section did I say Kendricks verses weren’t dope or that Jay had the better verse. I said all three were dope.

  • marty mcfly

    Not shitting on Kendrick nor defending Jayz with my comments…Thats why they kept talking and might I add they wrote more paragraphs then I did. They mad

  • nerds aint shit

  • Dolo808

    funny how everyone was down with TDE, now that Kendrick is blowing all these haters gonna emerge. Kendrick just keeps Dump’n….

  • mda33

    To EveryBody Hating On THis All I Have To Say Is “BITCH DON’T KILL MY VIBE!”…………..

  • WHAT!

    Kendrick murdered his own shit. Hov don’t have to say much. The “name a muhfucka that’s better than him” line was all he needed to say to prove his point. Overall, ill ass remix. Haters eat shit. That is all.

  • rofl cover for the song is funny…. kendrick would be more of KD in my eyes because we know he great artist (I’m not dick riding as 19 year old dude who lives in DMV i listen all type from club music get freaked on at clubs or party to lyrical stuff that will never get played on radio..Kendrick is just coming up on rise) But if Jay is Michael who’s Nas? The song is good though

  • The Vet

    *response to some of the earlier comments* @Miso & marty mcfly like stated above somewhere this pic ain’t about the successful kobe & the successful jordan. It’s the young, great potential, has what it takes to be the next big thing Kobe next to the greatest player at that time & arguably of all time. Jay = Jordan in this pic, the greatest in the game at the current moment when that pic was taken. Jay’s body of work speaks for itself. Kendrick = Young Kobe in this pic, great potential to be on Jay’s level, but has A LOT to prove before talks about them being compared can even be thought of. You can’t look at this pic as two of the greatest to ever do it. You gotta look at more as the mentor & his apprentice.

  • TopDawgSoldier

    Amen to that^^^

    Runnin’ itshh

  • Fiend

    Jay fans will eat shit before they admit that Jay “tried” on a verse and still got killed by another artist.

  • Bilal

    Its funny how couple of years ago before kdot blew up people on this site use to complain about his voice how it annoyed them now hes there favorite rapper lol. btw do u think jay sits there and trys do outdo every feature. he knows how to make a song, thats what it is. Kendrick is good this is his time to shine he has to be on his a game at all times he is the one that needs to prove himself not jay. Kendrick isn’t even on drake level yet let alone jay lol peace

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ WORD, Drake’s verse on 5am in Toronto went harder then Kendrick on this remix.

  • Kidd

    ^^ lmao thats a funny joke there marty