Chief Keef – First Day Out (Trailer)

blame it on the intern March 19, 2013

Directed by BenHughesStudios

Chief Keef recorded a song for his “First Day Out” as well as a visual coming soon. This is featured off his upcoming Bang 2 mixtape.

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  • Famous

    His videos are getting wackier by the minute.

  • Mad Real

    I fuck wit that nigga Chiefs music but i do not co-sign them pigtails smh put this on here knowing the ppl on here was gone talk about him LOL

  • randomguy


  • Tupac Shakur

    this nigga need a speech coach, and some education.

  • CurtMcGirt

    I know this youngsta is trying to sell some records and feed his fam but I cant cosign this shit. The boy did 60 days in juvie and niggas is supposed to be celebrating his homecoming like he’s a kingpen? Did he do hard time? The reason he even went in was because his dumb ass was persuaded by some fucks at pitchfork to hold a gun and violate his parole.

    I hope he gets his money because interscope is gonna drop dude like a bad habit.

  • ruseriousdopeboyz

    this dude is a fucking joke. goodnight

  • Geezy

    I agree with you McGirt– and I’m not sure if dude is still on parole/probation but being in a video holding and smoking a blunt if he’s likely getting piss tested ain’t smart either. Knowing damn well the system is ready to lock his ass up for any reason. The kids music is questionable but ain’t no reason to wish ill on the young man.


    The fact that yall can’t understand him, does that make you feel smarter??? Does it make you feel more like a hip hop purist??? smh pathetic

    Just remember this! He’s a 17 year old kid and he has more money in his pants pocket than you all have in your bank accounts…..So at the end of the day who is the real joke

  • lone

    stop promoting garbage

  • Jmac823200

    @Wordplay, I like Chief Keef. I don’t think he’s advancing the culture but I can appreciate him for what he brings to the table. I wish the young guy the best. I want all my brothers and sisters to prosper BUT to think someone is better than another because of the amount of money in their pocket is misguided. A person’s value is in their soul. It transcends money and everything else on this earth.

  • Duh

    @wordplay only a petty motherfucker would describe self-worth with money. If that’s your way of life you been caught in the trap boy. Chief Keef is from my city and being from there and knowing where he is from it makes sense that he is the way he is. Don’t make me feel smarter cause he raps incoherently, he has as many experiences as me on some shit i dont know about, but he should want more from himself than just making money, especially now that he has it, but then again where do we live?

  • Jealousy Is Pathetic

    @Duh Your’re broke aren’t you LMFAO!


    @Duh You faggots are so stupid you didn’t get what i meant, I wasn’t describing self-worth with money i was saying while he’s successful and getting his money broke bitches like yourself is hating on the INTERNET not getting a dime

    Emotional bastards HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • FwmShawty

    @wordplay I cosign everything this nigga is saying , this dude chief keef got more money than anyone on here and is successful by doin what he’s doin, and rappin the way he’s rappin so obiviously he is doin somethin right if y’all on here talkin about him. Smh jealous ass niggas on the Internet.

  • Jmac823200