Justin Timberlake – Mirrors (Video)

blame it on the intern March 19, 2013

Justin Timberlake releases his new “Mirrors” video in celebration of the release of his The 20/20 Experience album.

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  • Oh Well

    The album was very disappointing

  • 2DBZ

    It’s a grower not a shower, give it a couple listens

  • RED_bWs

    The album was dope. If you say otherwise, stop listening to music.

  • Smh

    @RED_bWs Wow! how far is JT’s cock down your throat???

  • spewing

    The album is amazing. Just let it settle in.

  • heiroglyphics

    8 people never been in love before lol

  • whateveriguess

    Yeah its different from the album before and the album before is different from the first.
    Give him credit for changing the sound, sounding fresh, and not giving us some outdated piece of crap. That album was dope.

  • blue dreams

    album was great. how could you disagree? between this and jose james… nice start to the new year

  • slim

    album is trash. i like how now some of you dudes are talking “lyrics” to cover up for the sub par production. I am a big nas fan but even I know that lyrics can’t carry an entire album. Production is needed and this ish is gaaabage.

  • b.

    really dug the album… that second part of mirrors is nasty… dress on, blue ocean floor, are also my favs.

  • fuckslim

    Album is amazing! Fuck Slim! ^^
    Faggot doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. This was an R&B/Pop album, NOT a hip-hop album. The lyrics, along with the production, were definitely up to par.

  • Mature Gambino


    you joking right? timbaland brought some incredible sounds to this album.

  • This dude can’t BUST… the end part in the mirrors is siiiiiiiiiiick. Who’d battle the guy?! LOL!