• doc rovers

    timbaland to mike will: gtfo with those shitty beats

  • Tzu

    Mike will made it wack as fuck.

  • LexiCon

    ...and another dumb studio picture I really don't care about.



  • HipHopPolice

    I dont get the hype around Mike WiLL Made It his just another laptop beat maker having his five minutes of fame

  • HA!

    Timbo look like he don't like the nigga! LOL

  • Maxim

    DJ Spinz also there!

  • Evolve

    ...why WOULDN'T someone who isn't even 25 make beats on something other than a laptop in this day and age? retards.

  • http://LastRightsinc.com illKane

    That $>Bitches hat is tough tho....Last Rights