Chuuwee – WildStyle: B-Side (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake March 21, 2013

Just under six months after the original tape dropped, the Sac Town emcee returns with part two. 18 original tracks, paying homage to the West Coast “G-Funk” and NoCal 90’s hip hop scene. Features include Mistah F.A.B, Stevie Crooks and more. Stream/download after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Chuuwee – Wild Style: B-Side (Mixtape) | Alt Link

  • Igotcha

    hells heat

  • mr.305

    damn, this dude has so many different styles/flows.

    i get that some folks say he doesn’t rap about anything, but he definitely has songs with substance if you listen, but then he has stuff like this where he’s paying homage to folks w/o biting.

  • Bongwater

    this tape is so god damn good

  • andOne

    ^ there’s a reason he has a a billion mixtapes and nobody can name half of them, because he raps about absolutely nothing. That is where your wrong mr. 305. The tribute thing is sorta cool, but at the same time i’d rather just listen to the originals. to each their own I guess. “Minds that collide” is cool though, i’ll take that one.

  • Truth Siren

    ya’ll niggas that hating on Chez take yo bitch ass somewhere and bump yo Gucci Mane or Trinidad James. Chuuwee is dope as hell coming with that fresh 90s flow this tape is dope fuck the haters

  • Juicy-G

    @andOne shit at least he can rap, and he’s a GREAT emcee. Niggas always find something to complain about, be thankful we have guys like Chuuwee. Dam. And if you listen to the intro and the skits on the tape, you’ll know where he’s coming from.

  • catfish

    shit is so dope!

  • B

    Are you stupid? Do u listen to the music or just skim through it? Anyone with half a brain knows he doesn’t “rap about absolutely nothing”

  • giveitatry

    a few really dope cuts, mostly fillers. worth a listen.

  • theone&only

    is it just me or is this cat rapping like Kid N Play on the cypher joint lol

  • bongwater

    chuuwee is that dude i bump his shit all the time these two wildstyle tapes stay in rotation