• yup

    I don't think you guys even know what alphabet boys means. Those are just cops.

  • jojoba

    He telegraphed it with that jump before he took off

  • dcd

    @yup - hahaha that's the same exact thing i was thinking

  • gt

    the alphabet boyz are fbi these are just normal pigs in which he should of at least pull his pants up before trying to jet

  • LOUD

    Where this old ass nigga think he goin though? hahaha. Real oakland shit right there

  • John Ballsack

    haha. black people are fucking stupid.

  • realtalk™

    i bet they read DUI and thought it was part of the alphabet boys too lol

  • YungTifune

    What u talkin about son u know u never to old to run from the Po Po lol

  • Mac Dre

    Why isn't this a Random Act of Fuckery? Haha

  • http://2dopeboyz.com Tahlid

    Man ya niggas is dumb alphabet boys are cops dea ATF fbi IRS ext...

  • C-los

    Dude didn't even get past the cop car. SMH I can't even give him props for trying