Even You, Too $hort, Can’t Escape Them Alphabet Boys (Video)

blame it on Meka March 21, 2013

Leave it to TMZ to capture Todd Shaw to try to reenact an episode of World’s Wildest Police Chases (and fail miserably in the process). Come on $hort Dawg, you saw what they did to Marty Kaan on House Of Lies, and he’s not even real.

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  • yup

    I don’t think you guys even know what alphabet boys means. Those are just cops.

  • jojoba

    He telegraphed it with that jump before he took off

  • dcd

    @yup – hahaha that’s the same exact thing i was thinking

  • gt

    the alphabet boyz are fbi these are just normal pigs in which he should of at least pull his pants up before trying to jet

  • LOUD

    Where this old ass nigga think he goin though? hahaha. Real oakland shit right there

  • John Ballsack

    haha. black people are fucking stupid.

  • realtalk™

    i bet they read DUI and thought it was part of the alphabet boys too lol

  • YungTifune

    What u talkin about son u know u never to old to run from the Po Po lol

  • Mac Dre

    Why isn’t this a Random Act of Fuckery? Haha

  • Man ya niggas is dumb alphabet boys are cops dea ATF fbi IRS ext…

  • C-los

    Dude didn’t even get past the cop car. SMH I can’t even give him props for trying