Kendrick Lamar Hears Jay-Z’s “B*tch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” Verse For The First Time (Video)

blame it on Illy March 21, 2013

…and the rest was history.

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  • jayzfan

    mannn, jay tho.

  • Joe

    the beginning must have been some oxymoron shit.. whatever it was i was feelin it

  • thatrealshit

    haha ab soul at the end. “DAWGGG…THIS NIGGA GOT THE JAY VERSE…………DAWWWGGGG”

    that schoolboy sounds dope too

  • Tzu

    Private video. Thanks.

  • CABNumber

    That shit was wack, og was way better.


    reupload plz!

  • Craig

    removed by user smh

  • dotdotdot

    watch it here on tde channel

  • click my name to watch it

  • JAyP

    good looks Coach Rivers

  • markaveli

    lol oxymoron track went hard.

  • b.

    that jay-z verse was weak as fuck. ya’ll standards are piss poor low as hell.

  • 2dope4nope

    Anyone says this is weak you lying to yourself Hov went in “I don’t know how many moons a nigga got left/back to this joint smokin this shit like I’m tryna prove a point/I’m the highest the highest title numero uno/kill my vibe that’s your motherfuckin funeral” I’d say original = remix still though for me money trees > and Oxymoron next to KRIT tape #PatientlyAwaiting

  • Rob C.

    I still think K.Dot bodied the track even with Jay on it.. and i can’t fuckin wait for Q’s album! That track in the beginning sounds dope! u know it’s gonna be hard just by watching and & Q rocking to it.

  • jeppie

    having dude jump on a rmx doesn’t compare to actually being in the studio with dude and making a song. The rmx doesn’t compare to the original…don’t get gassed just because you see hov’s name on a record. The dude does a record with everybody.

  • Awesome.

  • soulo hoe

    Soul at the end tho looool man was having an orgasm funny nigga

  • spewing


    Dude does records with everybody?

    Maybe back in the day, but his features are rare these days. He barely jumps on anything.

  • yogurt

    jay’s verse was tight. how could he have bodied it more than he did? like really? flow was dope as fuck.

  • marty mcfly

    Im just gonna say this and be done with it. All the music Jay has done after American Gangster sounds like he’s hungry, from the delivery to his cadence. He spend the most part of his career with a laid back conversational flow but the last few years he been rapping faster and with a lot more aggression. If this is what’s in store for his next solo album, then chances are he gonna be lyrically killing shit. As for this song, people still need to learn the difference between battle raps and song writing imo. The latter of which Jay is known for and its clear that Jay is fitting the vibe of he song here. We’ve heard him do a bunch of wordy shit multiple times throughout the years. He spazzed on Shiny Suit with Jay Electronica and he killed the Come On Baby remix with Saigon, Jay -My flow is like the Cuban Missle Crisis
    Nigga, my hand missles is priceless… And he traded verses for a whole album with Kanye. Lastly with this particular song he has a level of style control that can only be mastered through years of rapping. If you dont think so then try to memorize the verse and spit it the same way. I could go on but just saying. Again all the verses were dope

  • Rob. C

    “i was late ight. Said i luv her R.I.P./when she died i took her PLACE and became a fucking G/took my crack across the STREET” – Q……… He needs to leak this track A$AP!!! As far as Kendrick & Jay, i jumped to conclusions jay does have more skill cuz of his experience but kendricks learning fasst… they both bodied the track tho.

  • david

    Wouldn’t be a stretch to call the verse pathetic. Kendrick’s known for a laid back flow that he uses to his advantage leavin pauses and then spittin quick to throw the listener off and seem unpredictable. Jay tried doin that and it just sounded amateur. He threw pauses in there in a desperate attempt to look like he can replicate the style which sounded horrible then when he tried switchin the speed up he struggled to keep the syllables within the bars. That ‘Numero Uno/funeral’ bit sounded like entry-level bars. Jay fans gonna blindly worship it jus coz it’s Jay but there’s no shame in your favourite artist droppin a wack verse every so often. I know my favourites have.

  • marty mcfly

    Again if Jay is dropped a wack verse then cool thats your opinion but as far as this style goes. Jay has done this style on most of his albums going all the way back to Reasonable Doubt with Friend Or Foe. To songs like Jigga What on Hard Knock Life to My 1st Song on the Black Album. To other songs that can be found on each of his albums. So yeah even though he’s known for a more conversational type flow (thats actually more intricate then all this fast rapping shit), he’s been rapping like this since back in the day on several different albums of his own and on features so stop it. Jay and many other MCs were already doing this style before Kendrick probably even wrote his verse rap

  • marty mcfly

    wrote his FIRST rap.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Ab Soul’s reaction was true hip-hop, “…they let us in this rap game. I can’t believe this shit!” RESPECT!!