Dr. Dre On Big Boy’s Neighborhood (Audio)

blame it on Shake March 22, 2013

Earlier today, Dr. Dre called into Big Boy’s Neighborhood on LA’s Power106 to discuss a few topics. Revealing they’ll be launching a Beats Music Service by the end of the year, says Eminem is officially wrapping up his album and that he’s been inspired to get back to work in the studio.

  • Danjamouf

    Fuck Dre. Full of false promises and fuckin up other niggas hustle. When was your last hot beat nigga?? 2 albums in 20 years GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! Release some product then someone may give a shit about you again

  • dee

    who cares, its not like the nigga can rap so who gives a shit if he releases another can only use the same drum pattern so many times , he’ll never be the same he dont have the same people around him like back in the day

  • cnuttz


  • dope

    Dre done fucked over too many people, but everyone is gonna be back on his shit when Detox drops. I just don’t like how he dropped certain artists, but raps with Rick Ross and shit…
    Props to Dre for workin with TDE but they were going to blow up regardless of Dre.

    • danny

      You’re right about the TDE part and about him messing up on other people. Like no rapper can have their own brand of headphones because then dre gets all defensive that his will sell better and all. And even if they do he shouldn’t blame them for wanting to make their own line of headphones too… And yes he dropped some very good artists but gets with Rick Ross in the studio. I personally don’t think “Rick Ross” is a good artist

  • gregory kruxx.

    Um u clowns forgetting the producing is just not making beats…And by the way hes a mix engineer too.smh…clown ass niggahs in here…and this dudes probably makes a million beats just cause he aint put them out dont mean shit…morons
    oh in regards to mixing the music…who u think mixed kendricks album??!!??

  • Dre Is The Best Producer PERIOD!!! cant front on false promises and what not.

  • ear2ear

    Dr. Dre marketed Good Kid Mad City. Mixed by Ali mixed the album. So stop giving Dre credit for what Mixed by Ali is documented to have done and credited to have done as well.

    What people fail to understand about Dr. Dre is that he’s a brand now. A lot of the beats we associate to being Dre’s even since the Death Row days were produced by his team and often times not necessarily Dre. Dre doesn’t sit in the studio all day and look for loops or drums or synths or anything these days. Just look up Scott Storch, Lord Finesse, Mel-Man, etc. Those are the guys who made the 2001 sounds. And that’s a fact. Dre was a beast producer back when Chronic came out. But stop being naive people. He’s the head of Aftermath, essential to the Beats campaign. He’s a brand. He has a team to do his music for him. Of writers, of producers. They just plug him in now. If he was still coming out with his own sound that he was pushing, we would have had a Detox by now as any artist would want to promote their new vibes and have it impact the mainstream. Especially an artist of Dre’s prominence. But because his sound is dictated by the team he currently has around him, Detox can keep evolving and evolving as time passes and new sounds catch his attention. Once he had Game writing Detox for him, now Kendrick is writing with him. Etc. I’m not taking anything away from the man, he’s given us classics but he’s at a different stage of his career.

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    ^ WTF, a rational and well written post in the comment section. I must be dreaming.

  • The Vet

    lol 2013 & so called music heads still don’t know the difference between a beat maker and a producer. Dr. Dre is both a beat maker & producer, but he’s a producer first. A music/record producer does what needs to be done to form a final song , you get production credits just for saying “take this adlib out” or “double that part” or “sing this like this instead” their overall job is to oversee and manage. They select songs for albums/singles/videos, they gather ideas, they control the sessions, and they supervise throughout the mixing session to make sure the final track(s) sound its best. & to @Danjamouf “2 albums in 20 years” what does that have to do with anything? He’s not a rapper, as long as he’s selling those headphones, mixing tracks & engineering sessions he’ll always be at work. You really think he care about when his last hot beat was?

  • just call me greg dat boy wit a wooden leg

    fuck dre n all this bullshit. stop fuckin wit yo fans and just admit that detox aint coming out ( not that I care but others do) and then you can promote those fuckboy headphones. but until then just shut up

  • Danjamouf

    Idiots tryna give this guy props for mixing an album??? lol!
    Lets have a look at the amount of niggas careers he’s stalled… Bishop…Stat Quo… Countless others, or beats hes taken credit for.. Glove? Melman? lets have a look at the amount of release dates Detox has had since 2002… The list goes on