• mrgoat

    He should do a feature with Kendrick Llama

  • who cares

    That would've been dope. He should've left off "Backseat Freestyle" and "Poetic Justice", put Nas on "Sing About Me" and the album would've actually been as great as everyone claims it is.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Damn shame.

    who cares I do agree that Poetic Justice has no place on the album but Backseat Freestyle was dope. I also think Cartoons and Cereal should have been track #2

  • Chuck E

    Y'know....just putting that idea in the air.....I can hear it. For real.

    Flashbacks of "We Major"....if Nas had just kinda come in on a 4th verse after K. Dot's hook...that voice on that beat. #MagicMissed

  • Just My Opinion


  • Frost

    ^^^ hell yea, son...

    Nas should remix "Sing About Me" and shit all over Jay's over-hyped verse on that "Bitch, Dont Kill My Vibe" remix...

  • Juicy-G

    ^^^^^ COSIGN

  • real

    I agree with Frost and who cares..backstreet freestyle was easily the wackest most unnecessary track on the record. Nas on sing about me would have been perfect

  • jobie

    backseat freestyle was on the album to give an upbeat feel and to show that kendrick was rapping even while all the other shit was going on. he and the homies would roll around, drinking, holering at girls, trying to make quick cash and rapping. completely fits. poetic justice, not so much, but still a dope single. shoulda been a bonus track on the album. same way work out was for j. cole

  • http://www.southerndope.com D.A.

    Son of ah Bitch that would have been a good collabo. I can already hear it. Album's still a classic though.

  • Prince

    What you mean backseat freestyle and/or poetic justice was unnecessary ?!!! It all fit into the story he told perfectly If those songs wasn't added then the cd would not have been as perfect. The only reason yall dont like it is because it has mainstream appeal, but Kendrick didnt go mainstream. So just enjoy this Sh*t

  • 5th

    That song is perfect how it is. A nas collab would have been great for the album but I am certainly glad Nas wasnt on Sing about me. Kendrick's 3 verses along with the skit in between leading into dying of thirst...cant see how that would have worked with nas on the track. To me that song is what solidified the album as being as monumental as it is. Nas and KL should definitely work on something new and original.