ScHoolboy Q – Yay Yay (prod. Boi-1da & The Maven Boys)

blame it on Shake March 22, 2013

ScHoolboy Q lets loose of the first offering from his upcoming LP, oxymoron. Produced by Boi-1da & The Maven Boys.

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  • Grimzz

    It’s cool…lost me on the hook a little but i’ll bump this

  • Mike Tomlin

    Gonna be hard for Q to top HnC. Kandrick is a tough act to follow I think they should have up Soul out next but this gets a Dope cause its dope.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Kendrick* put* damn iPhone…

  • 2dope4nope

    Here we go Oxy leak in 3 2 1..

  • CJ

    This joint is haaaard!

  • @ceejay_ovo

    Coool track!!!!!! S/O to Q ,boi1da ff @ceejay_justovo

  • SchoolBoyQ Has 000 Lyrics

    that yay yay

    How About No

    this is fucking garbage

    Rapping about nothing

    B O R I N G

    No Lyrics

    Over hyped

    Please Retire

  • YOYO

    ^^^ how good are your raps? you FUCKING BITCH

  • Man I Cant wait for this shit!!!!!!! Q said GKMC made him want to step it up on the album tip, So this album might be different you never know

  • (l,k)

    shits DOPE

  • HomieZo

    Q got next

  • Kidd

    Q aint the most lyrical rapper but stay putting out dope songs

  • Wesson

    the beat is no fuckn joke!!

  • Liviy

    FUCK WIT ALL THE HATERS SAY…my dude Schoolboy Q is dope..hands down my nigga EATIN!!!

  • koodabang

    He should have put Bodega Bamz on this track????

  • Chris Z

    honestly, I think jay rock is much better than Q. idk why j rock always catches a bad rep for being the worse in top dawg

  • Badu

    Some Fuckd Up Shit ! Nicee

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  • ProTraxs

    Not to familiar wit this cat outside features; whats a good mixtape/album to start at cuz i digs this song…tuff…

  • Joe

    @ProTraxs peep his two projects “Habits And Contridictions” and “Setbacks”

  • Mike Tomlin

    ^^ Habits n Contradictions.

    yeahhhhh after a few more listens this joint gooooooessss

  • ProTraxs

    Fosho Fosho…good lookin @Joe & @Mike Tomlin

  • MusicHeaf

    Aye this just seems like a warm up but after a few’s dope not nothing ridiculous yet.. Kinda remeniscent on how I felt when I 1st heard “Swmming Pools” . This song prolly goes well with the album if it ends up being on there..guarantee Q will drop a classic tho.

  • Big-O


  • Rob C.

    YESSSSSS!!! This was the track they were playing in the studio when first heard Jay-Z verse.. This song slap! All ya haters talkin shit now but when that album drop ya be quiet.

  • Poou

    You niggas better stop drop and roll right now.

  • Toronto


  • Gen

    Lmfao I hate the c-section 90% of the time. Everybody is praising Q now but when he initially made the comment that Oxymoron would be a classic because GKMC made him wanna step it up, niggas was in the comments acting like he slapped they mama. Fair weather ass fans. To the point though, I like the record and hopefully this album is as good as I hope it to be.

  • Jcon

    You gotta understand though. Q aint never gonna be nothing like Kendrick.. and why the fck would he? That ain’t his style. This is.
    Don’t need to be a lyrcial genius to make a classic. You need to make shit that people listen to, and you need to have a feel for the music you put out.

    Q – the clown
    Rock – the gangsta
    Kendrick – the story of my life
    Soul – the conspiratory “everythings illuminati” kinda dude.

    thats what it is

  • dneek

    Im fuckin wit it

  • Jarvo

    I think yall hyped becuz its new and its your 1st time hearing it, But this aiteee.


    Schoolboy Q is dropping A1 records and the reason fans aren’t gravitating to his music (like they should) is simply because there is no true defined image of him in the mainstream realm. I think it’s cool that he ain’t trippin on that marketing/image angle tho and just does his own thing independent style…

    Can’t tell me “hands on the wheel” wasn’t a hit…jus needed that major push from a bigger label and Q would be as big as Kendrick.

  • quas

    that beat sounds so much like swimming pools its laughable but the song as a whole is dope

  • BobbyWhite

    Why are people saying this is just alright? Q has hotter shit than like, 90% of the game

  • Dneek ig. HWF_Dneek

    He Dont have to compete with Kendrick he gotta compete wit da people who is going to listen to his music, if we like his shit its gone bunk

  • not impressed

    What a waste of a good beat. Not only are the lyrics lame but his flow/delivery need work.

  • “If you can do it better than me, then you do it.”

  • Truth Siren

    Q has always been wack this track is no exception

  • DirtyRotten

    This is awful. I can’t believe this is what hip hop has steadily evolved into, and the song at hand won’t even attain radio air play. God help the underground.

  • DrewDogg

    If you’ve liked Q’s past work, how could you not like this? This song goes.

  • pharoahkang

    may not be the most lyrical, but Q is easily one of my favorite rappers in the game, even over Kendrick

  • trufax

    He said he’s about to make a classic album, this is nowhere close to that.
    No hate, but this is not the type of tracks u make a classic album of

  • frylock

    its not the worst song, but this is not something to get all hyped about. the beat is the best thing about this song.

  • ScHoolboy Q

    I don’t think you can judge a rap album by one song off of it. Swimming Pools off Kendrick’s album isn’t particularly lyrical, but in the scheme of the album it has its place. This song is similar I think. HnC was a big concept album and as long as it’s been in production I think OXYMORON will be too. Have to wait for the rest of the album. This could be this albums “Gangsta in Designer” which was one of my favorite songs from HnC. Overall I’d say this is a 4/5 compared to his other work. I could definitely bump this on a nice day while I’m cruising. Lyrical content can make an album really good, but even if it’s lacking that doesn’t necessarily break it.

  • marty mcfly

    Every time a member of TDE makes a song thats just meh or just not that dope, its the same thing you hear from they fans, which is its just part of a larger concept so this one song fits in with the other songs which is gonna make it sound better later…. NO. I dont think they even make those kinda albums. They shit sounds like just a bunch of songs put together that they fans call a cohesive narrative or a concept album but thats not how the lyrics play out on they projects imo. This song aiight, at least Q actually sounds like he from the Westcoast I’ll give him that.

  • sit on my dickolass

    “No hate, but this is not the type of tracks u make a classic album of.”
    because your dumbass knows what it takes to create a classic album. we ain’t had a classic since the last Kanye album.

  • blam

    bruh theres no arguing with someone like you who is taking lyrics over sound when they listen to an album. this is music at the end of the day and how a project runs cohesively through each song is more then a matter of words or subject matter. I don’t believe albums like Dark Side of the Moon or The White Album get recognized for how great its lyrics are. cohesiveness is the culmination of EVERYTHING and the TDE camp shows that AND growth in every project. Ab-soul and GKMC being the exceptions because Ab-soul sucks at talking about anything and GKMC wasnt a growth sonically because they didnt use the house producers who’ve been growing with them.

  • markaveli


  • orangechickenkatsu

    This is probably just some kind of filler track for Q. HnC had an amazing concept, What makes you think Oxymoron will be an exception? Every track has a specific position in Schoolboy album. Leave the conscience raps for Kendrick & Ab-Soul, and the real ignorant joints to Jay Rock & SCHOOLBOY Q!!!!

  • Ray

    just look at all the dopes you some stupid asses schoolboy a beast

  • marty mcfly

    @blam, actually im not looking for them to be that lyrical. If I wanted to hear lyrics id wait for the next Jay Rock album from the TDE camp. I dont put lyrics over the beats but when people come with this shit like they music is supposed to be one big cohesive package per album? Well thats not really what it is thats all im saying. Lyrically they dont stick to the same narrative for a whole project so technically they not concept albums. 2nd if they beats sound the same throughout a whole project its probably cause they get beats from the same few producers but I dont think they sit there and put together a whole project as if it was a big puzzle with all the different pieces serving some kinda artistic purpose cause thats not what I hear. If were giving points simply for being sonically cohesive well then I think thats too easy cause there’s alot of albums that carry the same kinda sound for a whole project but as far as the whole cohesive concept album argument goes? Yes that does have to do with the lyrics because how could it not? Truthfully those kinda of albums hardly ever get made and if thats what the fans of TDE say that they about well then from 1st song to last its gotta be some connecting lyricism throughout for that opinion to make sense.

  • trufax

    “because your dumbass knows what it takes to create a classic album. we ain’t had a classic since the last Kanye album.”
    believe me I do, everybody does, except for those who think a classic album can be made out of tracks about how u stoned at the club with a hoe or/and balling hard on them bottles
    I don’t say every hip-hop artist should storm ur head with beasty lyrics, but shit, at least if u say u want to top GKMC and make a classic don’t release a first single rappin bout the shit I said above, Q has enough dope songs in his arsenal and this is way behind. and if the last classic album for you was Kanye shit, you’re pretty narrow minded

  • marty mcfly

    I think when people say the last classic was Kanye’s album they mean a classic that everyone can agree on. Maybe it was the Documentary idk but the albums that people called classic afterwards are albums that not everybody agrees are classic. College Dropout was like unanimous decision that it was classic by every different kinda fan of hip hop.

  • Joe

    @marty but how was gkmc not cohesive? it was a story throughout the whole thing

  • marty mcfly

    When you say story im taking it in the literal sense. Im not saying that every single line has to progress or connect to the story 100% but most of them should do that. That is what a narrative or a story is. There is a alot of lines on GKMC that dont carry the story or connect the song before and after those lyrics. GKMC has a story line and theme within it but its not connected, its in and out and alot of it is the fans saying its a story but the actual lyrics are not that. If a song has three verses and 48 lines but only 8 lines connect with the story and the rest is just wordplay and loosely based on other topics then its not like a story THROUGHOUT the whole project. It is a very loosely based narrative with song titles and lines here and there that make a story but the majority of it is not delivered in story form. I didnt say it wasn’t cohesive but imo if here giving points for being cohesive then thats just not enough. Almost all albums that come out are cohesive or somewhat cohesive because its coming from the same artist. Now you could say im nit picking about the whole concept story argument and thats cool but honestly a story is a story and if your claim is that GKMC is a story the whole way through then I dont know about that. The first song Sherane is a story but from there its not like the other songs carry that same story telling technique. Some do, most dont.

  • i’m assuming he freestyled all the verses, and the choruses, so i’ll call it dope.

  • Jcon

    Its funny how people talk about Kanyes last being a classic.

    in what way?

  • lololololololol

    ^what? lmao you believe in Jesus Christ?

  • lololololololol

    @ dust

  • Joel

    not feelin this

  • billy

    Swimming Pools off Kendrick’s album isn’t particularly lyrical, but in the scheme of the album it has its place <<< it was lyrical

    martymcfly < have u listened to goodkid mad city yet? it does follow a narrative LITERALLY…and EACH and EVERY skit helps link up the story if the songs go over your head the story being a kid chilling hanging out riding round then robbing a house going to see his girlfriend later that night one of his homies getting shot then his friends trying to get revenge. its an actual story and the songs rotate around that in someway. u didnt listen.

  • billy

    The first song Sherane is a story but from there its not like the other songs carry that same story telling technique. Some do, most dont. <<<which ones dont??? hmmmm…..?

  • billy

    @marty mcfly?

    i can only agree with the last two songs im real and compton becasue the skits i.e story narrative end on the song sing about me just before.

  • cb

    I wanted to hear this as soon as the video of Kendrick listening to the ‘Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe Remix’ came out…Didn’t dissapoint. Q Eatin’

  • marty mcfly

    @billy, yeah I said that I do know there is a story there BUT imo songs like Bitch Dont Kill My Vibe, Backseat Freestyle, Money Trees, Poetic Justice, Swimming Pools and the songs you mentioned aren’t really storytelling songs. They have pieces in them that add on to the narrative, yes but its not like your following a laid out story. You have to put the story together yourself and again I do realize there is one there. IMO the skits and song titles do most of the carrying of the story but the actual lyrics dont follow a storyline to the degree of how people say it does. Now I hate to use a Jayz example and yeah I probably could used a Masta Ace album but still… Lets go to American Gangster, from Pray to American Dreamin to Hello Brooklyn to No Hook to Roc Boys to Sweet is a whole story there. Its no where to get anything confused or misconstrued and there is no other path that can be followed and nothing left unexplained left open to interpretation so there’s no need for skits or for the fans to piece the story together themselves. Its the lyrics that tell this story and almost each line from every song advance the story or elaborate upon it. Its not until you get to the song I Know where the story kinda goes off from the hustla to the actual effects of herion then it goes to Party Life and Ignorant Shit and those songs kinda disconnect from the story and but then you still got Say Hello, Success, Fallin, Blue Magic and American Gangster that come back to the narrative and advance the story. Now I wouldn’t expect Kendrick or anybody else to be as spot on as this particular album when it comes to storytelling but thats what you call a story on an almost line for line basis. GKMC does have a story, YES I realize that but I still think the skits and the fans do most of the storytelling, the actual lyrics to GKMC leaves alot of questions as to what happens directly after and before certain songs (the skits save those open spaces not the actual lyrics) and leaves alot of space for “open to interpretation” kinda assumptions and opinions from the fans and also there are people in the story there are obviously there for a reason but its not quite laid out as to how they got there or why and when Kendrick says “her” or “she” on alot of songs I think he could’ve said names to actually be direct about who exactly he was talking to. Yes we can assume its Sherane and we can assume certain aspects of the lyrics but the lyrics could’ve just laid that out better. Now again your probably thinking im nit picking or over examining the story here and thats cool but when people make their whole argument based on what they imply is like the greatest album ever lol just because of the story, well then Im gonna say that imo the story was mostly but together by song titles, skits and the fans. The actual lyrics to GKMC kinda bounce all over the place and imply or assume certain aspects of the story but its not like he’s being specific during this whole project. Now if he does the visual for this whole album like I think he said he would then I would watch and see whatever I didnt pick up from the album is further explained in the visual but as for as the art of storytelling, I think I have a good understanding on that and imo I shouldn’t have any questions as to what happened here or there on GKMC. Thank you and have a nice day and btw shout out to you billy, I know you know your hip hop. WORD

  • trollolololololol

    ^anyone who writes this much to get his point across on a hip-hop website needs to get a life my god, 90% off people who bought GKMC knew it was a day in the life of if you didn’t you need to go back and listen just because all of the songs don’t necessarily link up in chronological order doesn’t mean its not a full story, it’s still one cohesive story of a day in his life. your always on this site just trying to troll

  • marty mcfly

    I didnt say it wasn’t a story. As a matter a fact I said it was a story but YOU said yourself that “the songs dont necessarily LINK UP in chronological order”…. I see that you noticed the same thing I did. The song titles and skits linked them up but the actual lyrics didnt. At least to the degree in which people say they did.

  • Dylan Dudicle

    Jesus Christ marty, find a fucking hobby or something. Go outside. Do something productive. Anything. Specializing in hip-hop blog comment-section-critiques is nothing worth noting on a résumé.

  • marty mcfly

    I wrote the big comment then went to a whole other city, crossed a bridge and everything, had lunch and did a few other things and then made that last comment so yeah you can worry about what im doing but if my comment made you mad. Oh well

  • SchoolBoyQ is Lyrically garbage

    SchoolBoyQ is putting me to sleep with his boring lyrics…

  • Dylan Dudicle

    Ah, sorry marty. You must be a very important person. Here’s an internet point for your troubles.

  • MusicHead

    @marty mcfly stop dickriding Jay-Z all the damn time… U must get paid to suck his balls shit ..& u stay finding a way to hate on Kendrick ..fuckin bum.

  • yawk

    are there seriously still people who read what that acne face mommas boy has to say?

  • Headnod

    To me the 1st part of the song was telling how he quickly discovered that selling “yay” was a get rich quick scheme he needed to do because school and other slower money options were not cutting it. at least to of the song sorta built on this..but i think it was more him trying to flex on a beat…like a rapper should..with their style.

  • Nobody tryin’ to read marty’s dissertations that just inadvertently tell us he’s the world’s only natural repellent to the human female sex organ.

    This song’s meh. Thought Q said he was gonna be more about the “contradictions” on his next release. Guess not. That ‘yay yay’ hook sounds like that bitch from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo when she said “hey hey” whenever she entered a room or whatever.

  • marty mcbiaaach go fuck yourself

  • datdude

    “every car door need a key..” OMG
    That was the hardest line i heard in a while…so subtle…

  • JPM

    Okay, 2 reaons why this is the perfect first single.. 1: The song paints the first picture of his life before rapping.. for people who dont already know who ScHoolboy Q is.. 2: that YAK YAK YAK YOOOOHK lets people know they already know who he is. People who heard it all over GKMC, now know who did that, know he’s hard as fuck and will rock with him too. Plus you cant tell me the Yak’s dont get you hyped.