Time Out New York’s 50 Greatest NYC Hip-Hop Artists

blame it on Meka March 22, 2013

Does anybody outside of the Tri-State Area get Time Out New York? If not, their e-zine let loose their list of the city’s greatest hip-hoppers, from Das Racist to Heavy D to Jay-Z and everyone in between. Check it out, and provide your own input in the c-section.

READ: Time Out New York’s 50 Greatest NYC Hip-Hop Artists

  • yes

    1) DYLAN

  • Joe


  • lp

    The ruler at number 49. Behind asap and nicki minaj, c’mon son..

  • Jarvo

    No Based God? Yall niggas trippin *Westbrook Voice*

  • MewLover34

    No DOOM? I literally had to read it twice, thought I missed him. Are they having a laugh?

  • D. Ebanks

    I am a big Jay-Z fan, but even I can tell you this list is absurd. ABSURD.

    Kool G Rap doesn’t make it and Nicki Minaj and Das Racist does? Why are entire crews on the list together? yeah, all of Wu Tang together might be able to beat nas, but Nas singularly is better than everyone… He arguably gets 1,2, or 3 with NO questions. PUFFY at 7?!?

    4,5)Rakim, Tribe Called Quest (in any order)
    7-10)Beastie, RUN DMC, Wu Tang, Public Enemy (in any order)

  • -sk-

    Nicki Minaj over AZ and Kool G smh

  • Frost

    Nas at #6?

    ….fuck outta here with this bullshit list

  • Greg

    Nicki Minaj and A$AP, but no Fabolous or Lloyd Banks?

  • frylock

    i can agree with most of this list but what in the fuck is diddy doing so high on the list. he doesn’t write his own shit, nor has he ever. if this was 50 greatest hip hop entrepreneurs then i would understand but rappers? FUCK NO. an what the fuck is people like asap & nicki minaj doing on here they haven’t proven themselves to have the lasting power of the respect of anyone on this list.


    I want what these writers are smoking? Das Racist shouldn’t even be close to this list. Slick Rick # 49? Diddy # 7? Rakim & Big Daddy Kane not in the top 10? PURE FUCKERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gregory kruxx.

    Left too many people out and how is Nas at ^???!!!??? WTF is that!!!!!!!!!
    JAY, NAS, BIG, and then mannnnnnn…fuck this list

  • gregory kruxx.

    yeah true where is kool g rap????? how bout marly marl???????????? WTF Das Racist are you serious??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

  • dM

    I’m alright with the list? But where is Fabolous?

  • MusicHead

    Nas >>> Jay-Z.

    That’s where they fucked up. Not most successful but best MC , Nas should be #1.

  • 2Nopes

    gtfo with that bullshit

  • ayyo

    BIG L?

  • Terry

    This was definitely a who is the most popular list. i paid no mind to it after they put Rakim so low on the list.

  • DBS

    No R.A. The Rugged Man? Fuck outta here.

  • Not even worth posting to be honest 2DBZ. As I commented in the article, lists are stupid anyway, and this one, while an ok “recap” of (mostly) NYC hip hop history, simply should not have been presented in any kind of NUMERICAL order, as whatever criteria used to make whatever decisions they made is obviously all over the place.. but we need to stop publicizing these things, and in fact, not waste comments here, but there, to show these publications they can’t just toy with our shit like that

  • the realest

    lmao ahh my nigga puff got that top ten tho. niggaz mad lmao


    stopped reading when i saw slick rick at #49