Bring It Back: TravisXJason – Cruis’n USA

blame it on Meka March 23, 2013

A few years ago, Travi$ Scott was one of many aspiring artists trying to make a name for himself, and back in the day he and fellow Houstoner OG Che$$ formed the duo known as TravisXJason. Check out their 2011 project down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: TravisXJason – Cruis’n USA
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  • ya boi sees this

    Yea Travi$ disowned this shit and is no longer w/ OG Che$$. Feuding. Would prolly be pissed if he saw this brought back up. Nice to know the comments section gets read from time to time – right after the tape was name dropped in the Quintana C-Section it gets dropped lol coincidence. HeadHoncho with that 1-up haha.

  • ya boi sees this

    posted instead of dropped*****

  • owl pharaoh

    Yeah …. tracks don’t work

  • Schuyler

    That link’s down.

  • HeadHonchoBack

    oh shit lol. yea i said it was a rare find as in almost taken completely off the interwebs. glad i found myself the file.


    Travis got the tape taken down all over the web, the tape is actually good. Hes being a spoiled bitch. He’s actually rapping about something on this tape. Now he’s all production and camera effects. No lyrics or substance. Hes probably mad og chess smokes him on every song. They would have been a cool ass duo.


    Travi$ is dope and up next.. OG Che$$ though??? Dude sucks dick! He should quit while he is ahead, there ain’t no way he’s blowing up. But LA FLAME is the future.

    Regardless, this tape was dope. All produced by Travis.

  • realtalk™

    this dude travis scott is mad average.. he just copies other people’s styles for every song.. kanye, cudi, future..

  • HeadHonchoBack

    og che$$’s new shit has been insane recently. che$$ moves volume 2 is gonna take him places. Already got ins with fergy ferg.

  • Terry

    @HeadHonchoBack what is that og che$$’ mix tape called?

  • HeadHonchoBack

    @Terry His first tape is called Chess Moves Volume 1 and you can get it on DatPiff and his second tape hasn’t come out yet, but he leaked a few tracks. Look up “The World Is Yours,” “Galaxy,” and “Slonky Nation” (can find ’em on The Masked Gorilla blog). He’s dropped a music vid for another song called “BVI” as well. Kid doesn’t get enough credit.

  • Joseph

    @HeadHonchoBack A$AP Ferg said himself that he doesn’t fuck with OG CHE$$ because he used his vocals on “Home” without his permission. CHE$$ was desperately trying to get his name out there.

  • HeadHonchoBack

    @Joseph O word didn’t know that. I know they have that Harlem to Texas music video and I was going off that. I have “Home” but I didn’t know that Ferg had an issue w/ it.

  • MenLieWomenLie

    @Joseph Ferg asked for the song to get pulled after critics said Che$$ verse had more substance the whole story has been twisted. Travi$ is truth but don’t forget the proof is in the pudding Che$$ has always had the lyrical upper hand hence why Travi$ is doing his damnedest to road block him. Also for the record Cruisin USA was the real Travi$ Scott & OG Che$$ been living the life he raps about don’t sleep on that man.

  • TravisScott

    I cant stop playing that new OG chess – You Know . If his tape is on that level he’s gonna get some shine for sure

  • ChristoffStMusic

    OG CHE$$ deserves the shine this dude Travis has been a fraud since they were in a group in Houston dude is a shitty character I hopeOG CHE$$ shits on him

  • Yo anyone who needs the tape hmu @ogxrambo …shit went too hard in 2011 s/o to Che$$ for having the livest verses