Saturday Night Sexy: Rosanna Castillo

blame it on Illy March 23, 2013

Twitter: @Nanna_Rose/Instagram: nanna_rose75

Rosanna Castillo is a Puerto Rican/Cuban Hooters girl-turned-model vixen from the 305 who looks great in photos (and even better in a pair of Air Jordan IV’s). If the two-piece bikini shot up top isn’t enough, hit the jump for more of super hot Saturday Night Sexy latina down beneath.

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  • Beautiful girl.

    The last pic is the best one, though.

  • ohGawd

    the pic with her legs open = Lmao

    this week pick is h o r r i b l e .

  • KING

    She a butter face. Would still smash her tho.

  • j

    bitch is ugly

  • Smh

    ^^^ closet homos

  • Zeik

    Lol that first pic got me on the floor dieing. wtf did she think that face was cute?

  • who cares

    lmao yea that first pic is a little weird, but the rest are nice.

  • As-Hole

    Bad Bitch

  • Calicoflo

    best chick in a while love her body

  • i see non-consentual penetration in her future :)

  • butthair

    bangin’ body, face is meh…looks better without the cake on her face

  • would pt the dick inside her lung.

    her face is good. just that fucking duck-face shit she keeps doing. do girls like working those muscles that much? she bad. 9. better then whats been put up for a while where the girls had good bodies and ugly faces or vice versa.

  • 1dopeboy

    I’d get her pregnant.

  • Ihatefags

    A lotta fags here smhh

  • Ry

    I would be bit cautious to fuck a girl who like this. she will most prob accuse you of rape if you don’t make her breakfast in the morning

  • wat

    Damn I’m pretty judgmental with women myself but for some of you fags to say she’s ugly… Smh.

  • twinsking

    she looks so young though

  • cloud9

    How old is she…

  • midwestbeast

    yup last pic best pic

  • She could geddit

    When she’s smiling she’s gorgeous, not sure why she went with the same weird ass facial expression and several pics. She bad tho

  • Dont Worry

    lmfaooo.. the kissy duck faces have me crying.

  • DanSantana

    Wow, bangin’ body, cute ass face!! (minus the duckfaces) Just turn in your dick if you don’t think she’s dope as hell.

  • To those with negative comments, if any one of you had the opportunity in real life you would smash.

  • AboveTheNorman

    hit the link to watch the video of this chick in the jordans, put it on mute and bump Blu’s new song, dre day and enjoy

  • AboveTheNorman

    @black pornhub

  • gsp

    if it werent for the makeup this girl would be great. she needs a new makeup artist for sure

  • v=-XpDRR42BpE

  • 2dope4nope

    Word last pic though mmmm now I know my next trip 3-0-5 Cali home but I’m going for WWW (women, women & weather)


    everybody who hit dislike please post a pic of your girl…

  • R E C K

    these are prob the worst pics of her ive seen. look at her instagram shes bad.

  • Geezy

    Niggaz be cryin too damn much in the comment section goddamn, talkin about they would pass, or don’t like this bitches makeup. If when you scrolled down and proceeded to see that first picture of that monkey starin you in the face and you still found something to complain about, slap the shit out cha self.

  • Grimzz

    Yall stay bashing every woman shake post bruh…are yall gay?…

  • Maxbas

    worst retouching I’v seen in awhile. Skin soiftening like it’s 1995.

  • Lance Geneva

    I’d lick her a couple times..