Travi$ Scott – Quintana (Video)

blame it on Illy March 23, 2013

Off Travi$ Scott’s upcoming Owl Pharoah project. The official released of “Quintana” arrives Monday and will feature Wale.

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  • G. Lepe


  • Betty


  • coolcat

    Seriously? this is trash but i guess to each his own (still trash)


    just because its random as fuck doesnt make it dope. this shit was trash. this dudes rapping is annoying as fuck. he was rapping like kanye now he is rapping like shyne with that annoying ass voice. he was singing like cudi now he is singing like future. with the auto tune and pointless hooks. fuck kanye for puttin on all these tools. this shit trash and anybody who is pretending to be in a illuminati with all that symbolic bullshit on their clothing is a lame. its played out already . Bari should slap you for having him in this shitty ass video making him look like a fan . mean while he the reason all you new rappers dress the way you do .

  • ji_gantus

    co sign VLONE.
    like wtf is this shit, coming with that the devilish shit like gtoh, rapping bout nothin and gettin props just becuase hes signed to good. remember some goin in at chuwee sayn he raps about nothin but il deffo listen to him and this shit. rappers nowadays gettin all religious fuck all this blasphemy. get back to real hip hop!

  • Versache_Mane

    The hype behind this kid is ridiculous! Supposedly Kanye claims he’s the “Kanye” of this generation. I don’t get it. Can’t make any sense out of what he’s rapping about but he does have a presence about himself that comes off a lil different. The video presentation is pretty ill along with that bridge part. You can’t really get on him about the dark mystical/satanic-like imagery being that G.O.O.D. has been riding that boat for a minute now. Other than that I guess just sit back watch his development and who else’s style he decides to bite. So far..Kanye/Future/A$ap/Cudi/Chief Keef on deck…smh

  • chubby


    Is rapping about having dope?? this dude cant be serious….

  • jerry

    Versache_Mane what hype are you so angry about. ive only ever seen him posted on this site. again i dont understand your frustration at all.

    and kanye has always been overzealous with compliments. he said the exact same thing about about hit boy, big sean, cudi, nicki, 2chainz, azealia banks, pretty much every one. he’s just a nice guy.

  • HeadHonchoBack

    I’ve been following this guy for a year and a half now, before his Cruel Summer placement when most people heard about him, and this is the future. Experimental. His delivery is crazy, his presence is dope – have any of you heard 16 chapels? How about his EP w/ OG Che$$ called Cruis’n USA? Its a rare find, but if you get it, damn, he’s pushing boundaries. Its refreshing – I honestly can’t get into that whole, rapping about rapping and “I spit this hot fire kill you with my rhymes” style rap. Its played out. He isn’t perfect, but Travi$ is def not trash, he just isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. No flame, this is just my opinion.


    raps like kanye and shyne and ross … sings like cudi and future… dresses like IAN CONOR BARI . his hair and whole look is IAN CONOR the youth . you not a lord either fagget!

  • Jeff

    Judging from the comments, 2DopeBoyz’s demographic is 40 year old men still wearing oversized NY fitteds, baggy jeans, and Timberland boots that sit behind a computer screen, sobbing and looking to the heavens for “real hip hop” to come back. You guys need to go tend to your families and stay out of the comment sections on blogs. You guys are too old to pick apart young artists because their styles don’t resemble Big L, Nas, or whoever you consider “real hip hop”.

  • bryan

    I agree with Jeff. Old niggas stay mad and stay losing in the C-Sections.

  • Trying too hard and clearly jacked other current rapper’s styles. I’m not a fan of that and I damn sure don’t respect it. He seems like a cool person though, but music wise, I can’t get jiggy wit dis shiet.

  • ….

    sounds like BLOCKA, and we know he liked that song….. …

  • definitely jacking the current sound but that breakdown is doooope. i can bump this.

  • ……………………did travis really make this video private -__-“. the dude stays doing shit like this.

  • bizzew

    wow. reading the comments, I was expecting to hear some awful shit what with the Future comparisons. Glad I clicked though. Surprisingly dope! Maybe I should listen to Future more often. XXL did good choosing this guy

  • frylock

    @jeff no one mentioned anything about “Real Hip-Hop” except you dumbass way to single yourself out as a over-sensitive travis scott fan. go back to hanging out at hipster spots and talking about how you hate everything because its mainstream now. fucking idiot.

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