A$AP Rocky – Wild For The Night f. Skrillex & Birdy Nam Nam (Video)

blame it on Illy March 25, 2013

LONG.LIVE.A$AP is in stores now.

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  • JAY

    I respect this man

  • lbc

    yup i respect him too, …. but still dresses like a faggot -_-‘

  • K.I.N.G

    trash. only desperate ny heads support this clown. and lol at this idiot above me talking about he respects a guy that dresses like a faggot, that really says alot about you

  • xyz123

    ASAP is fresh. Video is dope.

  • Bongwater

    nobody is fuckin with Rocky when it comes to videos

  • Me

    My least favorite song on the album. The video’s beyond dope though

  • lbc

    i respect what he is doing, trying to make something new, he is doing him, but that dont change that i hate the way he dresses.

  • subject_90

    I respect the man, respect the video and respect how far he came… but his lyrics are always weak and saying the same shit just different words, or he’s changing the flow of his lyrics differently but still saying the same shit he said on his last track… again I respect him and the Mob but lyrics are weak

  • DGR

    I thought we graduated from the whole “dresses like a faggot” thing after Kanye and 50? There’s so much closed-mindedness when it comes to judging how people look. At least it’s different from everyone else and innovative.

  • Astro

    How exactly does one “dress like a faggot?” But anyway this video and song sucked. There’s nothing cool about exploiting another places poverty to add to a facade. These fools showed up to an impoverished neighborhood with dirt bikes and thousand dollar outfits, shot a million dollar video pretending to be a part of said neighborhood and dipped the next day. Kids with choppas and no shoes just for MTV spins.

  • rob

    where can i get this version of the song tho. the end was dopppe.

  • a faggot

    love the way he dresses

  • DW

    This shit is mad corny smh Can’t believe ppl like this

    But to each his own

  • Just Saying

    Good concept, terrible video

  • 5Ft.Deep

    yo the end was a dope addition to the song

    • Ted

      Hell yeah.

  • meloszzzzz

    rocky that nigga


    Video is dope af. I fukks with my nigga Rocky

  • Jarvo

    Ferg > Asap Mob

  • Jarvo

    And he looks gay as all hell on that pic lol

  • marty mcfly

    Pussy Riot >>> Asap Mob LOL

  • blame it on the tron

    doped it for the bad bitches in the video. everything else sucked ass. this nigga still getting love from these hipster nerds?

  • Holy fuck that video was live to death. Only a hater won’t enjoy this shit shrilled snapped

  • Much respect to ASAP keep grinding

  • YMCMBmustvanish

    Wack shit by fake and unoriginal wack fags

  • Cameron

    How can you HATE what someone’s clothes? You can hate a person. You can hate a concept or mind set…but when you hate pants you are wasting your fucking time.

  • aaye

    vid is very entertaining but kinda goofy too. Song is dope tho

  • abdul

    To say asap dresses like a FAG means ur fashion sense is no where to be found this guy has more bitches than any of ur hater.BITCH do u even know who design the clothes he wear I’m talkin ralph simon and rick owens.I’m sure u still wear baggy jeans